Closet Capers

I promised an update on the closet re-do. Here’s what it looked like in October, when the shelves pulled loose from the wall. We finally got it finished this past week, and we’re close to having stuff back in the closets. Here’s what it all looked like.

John doing the prep work.

The temporary closet.

Painting done!

My closet done!

John’s closet done!

And here’s what they look like mostly reloaded. We did a little more decluttering while we were emptying boxes back into the closet.

It’s amazing how much more usable space we have. I even have some empty shelf space. I was able to get some knitting related stuff off the floor of my office and in baskets on the shelves, which in turn makes my office much more usable. It’s a win!

On the knitting front, no photos, but I made a stupid mistake on the Big Pink thing last night while knitting in front of the television. I screwed up a plain knit row of all things, inserting part of a patterned row right at the beginning of what was supposed to be a plain row. Of course I didn’t discover it till I got all the way around to that section again. In trying to fix it, I screwed it up even more, and now I’m tinking back about 600 stitches to get to that section so I can fix it.  I think this is my own fault for saying something in the last post like “I only have about 6 rows left”. Please send whiskey, before I stab myself in the heart with a knitting needle out of desperation.


Closet Capers — 15 Comments

  1. That looks like a CA Closet to me…aren’t they wonderful? We’ve put them in every house we’ve lived in and I agree, it’s amazing how much more storage space you have when they are done. Enjoy!

  2. What a fabulous closet! I may be the world’s Most Selfish Arse for saying this, but I would totally share one closet with hubby and use the second for YARN STORAGE. (OK, that really doesn’t work for me because my Big Guy is a commercial lobsterman, and his clothes…um…STINK. But. Under other circumstances….
    Now, Dr., I order you to have a martini and finish the Pink Thing.
    No arguments!

  3. Lovely closet. And my thought was the same – more yarn storage space! So sorry about Big Pink. I can so identify with making a boneheaded mistake and then messing it more when trying to fix it. However, I’m not sure whiskey will help.

  4. Congrats on the closet win and sympathies on the 600-stitch tink. Knitting is always ready to knock us off our high horse, isn’t it?

  5. Hmmmmm – I think your closet is bigger than all the closets in our house put together – close anyway. Seems odd that the house that we raised 2 girls in now seems too small for just the 2 of us.

  6. LOVE your closet! I’m trying to not be too jealous! LOL

    I so empathize with your oops and having to tink back. I did the same thing with a lace project. Had to tink back 300 stitches, only to drop 3 more stitches in the process! So I had to go back even further to pick up and repair the dropped stitches. It took me nearly 3 weeks to face the repair job and another week to complete it and get back to where I left off. Maybe I can join you in that bottle or two of whiskey…….?

  7. Great looking closet. Mine are total disasters.

    Feeling your pain on the tinking *sigh,* but it’s best done quickly.

  8. Major closet envy. I love to see other people’s closets. They give me great ideas and yours is certainly inspirational.

    As for the knitting “issue”….I’m sure that several of us can meet you with bottles and share in your pains….

  9. Pretty fabulous about the closets!

    Pretty unfabulous about the pink thing.

    My house was built before the invention of closets. It has one, and it is tiny.

  10. Hmmmm….I wondered if I loosened the shelf screws in my closet if my hubby would build a closet like that for me?????? It looks wonderful and I’m as insanely jealous as I was when my sister-in-law redid her closet.

    Sorry about that pink thing (makes me think of Six Flags in the heat of summer).

  11. I LOVE the closets. Though they are roughly the size of our first apartment in Tokyo 15 years ago…390 sq. feet, $1400/month.