I was about to catalogue that lovely Coreopsis dyed yarn and get it into the stash, and then decided that this is just ridiculous. It's not every day you make your own yarn. I handspun this on my Watson wheel (100% BFL fiber), then dyed it myself using flowers we grew in the back yard. It deserves better than to disappear into the stash forever.

So I hunted around for an appropriate pattern, and came up with Stephen West's Boneyard Shawl. I didn't want something complex and lacy, since this is roughly worsted weight and a bit on the rustic side. I also already have 3 lacy complex shawls on the needles. This pattern is one of those that you could knit with almost any weight yarn, and is adaptable to variable yardage. These are fine qualities when one is knitting with handspun that isn't entirely even, and when one isn't 100% certain of the yardage. An extra bonus is that it's a free pattern. I can see making more than one of these.

Here's where I am.

This is pretty much dead simple. It's mostly stockinette, with a garter row thrown in every so often, and increases along each side of the center spine and at each end. You knit until it's big enough, then knit on several rows of garter stitch and bind off. Bob's your uncle.

And yes, those are little Buddha stitch markers. I made those myself, too, with little Buddha beads I found a long time ago.

Have a happy weekend!


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Coreopsis — 5 Comments

  1. That’s very pretty yarn. I’ve been thinking about spinning again. So far, thinking not doing. But one never knows.

  2. Love the yarn and the color. We have coreopsis moon beam in our yard I always thought they are such a pretty flower. Can’t wait the see the shawl finished!

  3. You are one very clever lady! Gorgeous yarn, and I’m really excited to see the finished product.