Ok, ok. I sort of forgot about the blog. Here’s the quick update, in list format.

Work’s been a bit busy. I could just stop there, and hit “publish” and be done with it.

We did finally get the huge downed maple out of the back yard. It’s now in pieces in the front yard, awaiting a log splitter to turn it into firewood.

I haven’t been doing much knitting on old projects. I have a bazillion of them, and I am just bored to death with them.

So I started a new project. If any one of you honestly says that you wouldn’t do the same, I still won’t believe you.

Here it is:


And another shot.

Don’t ask, I have no idea what it’s going to be. It’s the first clue of a mystery project. I’m suspecting a hat of some type, but we’ll see. John thinks it’s half of a bikini top.

I had a little dust-up with the circular cast on, and finally searched out a you tube video on the Emily Ocker cast on, and figured out how to use the magic loop technique to get the thing started. The yarn is from Abstract Fibers, and the designer is Mary Scott Huff. Here’s the Ravelry link. I forgot how much fun color work is!

Then there are Corgis. When you don’t know what else to blog about, there are always dogs. There’s one of them up there in that photo. You can tell he’s not very energetic today. We’re also dog sitting for friends today.

Riley really thinks that three Corgis are an unnecessary number of Corgis. She really wishes she were still an only dog.

Last but not least, I am making roasted garlic pasta sauce for supper tonight. The garlic is roasting in the oven, and the house smells divine!

I’m off to knit!



Corgis! — 11 Comments

  1. I’m sure Riley thinks one Corgi is one too many! I’m thinking that looks like the start of a tam. And as for starting new projects? We all,live in glass houses.

  2. Lewey!!!!!

    I completely understand being bored with a 1,ooo unfinished knitting projects. Currently on that knitting island.

  3. Contrary to Riley’s thinking, I adore Corgies…the more, the better. Makes me miss my mother’s tri-color. She was something else!

    Who’s mystery KAL are you doing? I try to stay away from those because to me they are “potato chips” and I can’t eat just one. LOL And of course, the color is PINK! (Don’t think I didn’t notice it immediately. haha)

  4. Last night, I sat on ravelry, staring at the list of my WIP’s. I then proceeded to download two new patterns and order some yarn from the Loopy Ewe. Your post makes me feel better about myself!

  5. My dream come true – multiple corgis! We keep talking about getting a second one, but at what point do people think you are a crazy dog-lady, or worse, aspiring to be Queen of England??!?

  6. Corgis are too cute, but I bet Lucy is not coming out of the closet. πŸ™‚
    Those flowers on your mystery project look like snowdrops, other than the color of course. You are brave to do a mystery project.