Crap, Crap, Crappity Crap


It’s A Good Thing I Took It Off The Needles To Measure

Or, Fourth Time’s A Charm?

That’s Big Grey in the background, the sweater that fits John like he wants this one to fit. That’s True Blue in the foreground, off the needles. That would be the third attempt at getting this thing up and running. I can’t explain this, except the gauge that I’m knitting the real thing is just a tiny bit tighter than my swatch. Even counting for the very tiny bit that my swatch grew when I washed it, this is not going to work. I also had problems with the increase row from the ribbing to the body. I was to increase 13 stitches, and given the instructions in the pattern, I did that row twice before I figured out that the instructions were wrong. It required pins to mark where those increases should go, and a little math-head to get it past the ribbing.

Somebody asked in the comments to my last post about the tape measure. Here it is:

I don’t remember exactly where I got this one, but I have a couple of these in different patterns. You can get them here.

And here’s a photo of Lucy to distract you from the destruction in progress. Lucy hardly ever comes downstairs any more, as she is a coward and likes her master suite upstairs just fine. She perched herself on a chair in the kitchen next to me yesterday.

Go ahead, tell her how pretty she is. I think she was saying, “Dude, that sweater is going to be too small for Dad.”

And here we go again.

It would be easier to go buy him a freaking sweater, but not nearly as entertaining.


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  1. OH man. Yep, you said it right. It would be easier to buy one, but it is MUCH more entertaining to knit, and re-knit, one instead πŸ˜‰

  2. I’m surprised you haven’t lit that ball of yarn on fire yet. Keeping my fingers crossed that this time is the last one.

  3. Ouch! It sounds like the same trouble I was having with Aleita – and now – I just don’t care. I ordered the yarn it was show in IK, and damn if it’s not going to fit someone.
    Good luck!

  4. Oh dear. I have no words of wisdom for you, except that I hope you can figure it out soon.
    And now I have to buy a tape measure …
    Lucy is a *very* pretty girl – and she looks sweet as well.

  5. Well, you are certainly keeping us entertained. It is endlessly amusing to see someone else go through all the gyrations that I do when starting a project. That’s why I like shawls – they don’t have to fit!!

  6. The yarn is certainly holding up well considering the number of trips to the frog pond! So how do you like your Harmony straights? I’ve been eyeing them for a while!

  7. I’m sorry for the frustration but I’m loving the entertainment factor πŸ™‚
    Hi pretty Lucy, the P-Man say hi and hope you get lots of turkey on Thursday!

  8. Well, at least you didn’t knit the whole back before deciding it wouldn’t work. When John is wearing it proudly, you’ll forget about all the false starts.
    That is great to know about a Mac Sweater Wizard. I won’t have to do my math three times before being sure it is correct.
    Lucy is a cutie.

  9. Hmmmmm….these kind of stories scare the heck out of me, especially since I’m about to cast on a sweater for hubby. When it comes to gauge, I keep hoping a good blocking on the woolyboard will do the trick.

  10. I feel your pain! I also have a Garmin Nuvi and HATE that recalculating bit. I told someone that I have a GPS but still have to know where I’m going. I Mapquest before I leave home with my GPS! Hang in there!

  11. This is one reason why I’ve decided I actually hate knitting. I only like knitted things and general designing. Sewing is it for me. Now I’m just waiting to move my sewing machine into my new place (soon!). I’m moving in very slowly. I think I’ll be done in September. Not kidding!
    Nice to meet you, your blog subject title lured me in. And I relate!
    (And oh gosh I could NOT knit something so fine, as in small gauge.)

  12. And oh gosh, I’ll always love yarn.
    I should sew yarn together. No I’ve seen it done in an ad video for a particular sewing machine.
    And sell lots of the rest of it. $$$. πŸ™‚