Decisions, Decisions


Cast On Saturday!

I finished my Seahawks Color Affection earlier this week. It's not blocked, so you don't get the Finished Project post just yet.

But that left me without a mindless-but-not-a-sock project. I have a big-ass sweater project on the needles (Rogue), a sock, and two lace shawls, one of which is in the active knitting rotation, and one that is patiently waiting her turn.

Of course, I have yarn and pattern ideas for eleventy billion mindless projects. After meandering around Ravelry yesterday, I realized that I am likely the last person on the planet to have knit a Hitchhiker shawl. As of this morning, there are 22,564 Ravelers that have knit (or are knitting) this. I've done a couple of her other small shawls and have enjoyed them, and wear them often. And I have the yarn! It's a win-win.

That's Wollmeise Pure, color Bluebell. 525 meters of perfect merino.

I wound up the yarn, put it in a project bag with needles, set it up in Knit Companion, and cast on this morning.

But not before I saw this in a box in my closet.

Isn't THAT pretty? It was at the very top of one of my yarn storage boxes, and it practically jumped up and down, waving its arms yelling “Pick me! Pick Me!”.

So I did. I wound that one up too, and cast on another little “shawlette”. (Does anybody else hate that word besides me?)

This will be a Find A Penny shawl.

Follow the links to Ravelry to see what these look like.

Now I have some good mindless knitting all ready to go. And those of you who have been around here for awhile know what's coming up at the end of February. Wintergrass! Two full days and three nights of bluegrass, perfect for mindless knitting.

I might go see what else I've got up there that I can cast on.



Decisions, Decisions — 7 Comments

  1. For what it’s worth, I still have not made a Color Affection or a Hitchhiker – I want to try both, but just haven’t gotten there. Can’t wait to see yours, though.

    Shawlette doesn’t bother me, it just seems like an awkward word …

  2. I just knit Hitchhiker a few months ago and thought I was the last one in the galaxy to knit it. Is your ROGUE sweater the one that was popular back when Hitchhiker came out? I’ve had it printed and nicely filed in a folder and have also never knit it.

  3. I knitted a Hitchhiker a couple of months ago as a gift for a coworker who was moving on to greener pastures. Turns out that only lasted a couple of weeks and she came back! Very happy to have her back. I would like to try knitting a hitchhiker for myself with the eyelet row but at the moment I have Grace cardigan on the needles that needs to be finished. Love the colors you have chosen to your Hitchhiker and Find a Penny. Good luck!!

  4. This is uncanny. I just hopped off Ravelry where I was looking for my next mindless knit and once again came across Hitchhiker in my favourites and thought, “why have I never knit that?” In my head, I’ve got the yarn picked out for it. Find a Penny is on my list for a possible shawl for a friend.
    Yes, shawlette. What even is that word? I usually just say shawl, scarf or wrap. I figure wrap covers a multitude of sizes and allows me to avoid shawlette at all costs!

  5. Hitchhiker is one of my favourite patterns, however, I found one of mine the other day with a hole in the middle! Looks like it got caught on a shelf bracket. Oh noooooo. Right in the middle. No matching yarn left.

  6. On that Wollmeise yarn is always so gorgeous. I still have yet to see it in real life. Lewey’s face still makes me smile 🙂