Done Done Done

I couldn’t wait for this thing to dry to post a photo. I’ll get a model shot and do the whole “Finished Project” thing when it’s off the blocking board, but Color Affection couldn’t wait for the glamour shot.


I think it actually looks like some kind of mutant nautilus thing. Mutant Nautilus, that’s a good name for it. The shape is sort of weird, I know. That big C curve on the left is exacerbated (helped??) by the way the yarns twist around each other in the three-color section. It makes that top edge sort of tight, pulling it into a big curve. I rather like it. I tried it on of course before I washed it, and that curve makes it snuggle up around the neck very nicely.

More details later when it’s dry.


Done Done Done — 8 Comments

  1. Just emailed you…asked if you’ve finished bo of your Color Affection, and here it is! Love the red.

  2. One of the yarns I am using has little or no stretch, so it makes that curve r-e-a-l-l-y tight. I am putting a yo between the first and second stitch of the row to give it a little more space. Your CA is inspirational!

  3. My color affection has turned into one of my favorite and most functional items I have knit. Mine is made with lace weight so smaller…it makes the most delightful scarf. I hope you enjoy yours as much as i do mine.