And we're off again! This is John's big birthday bucket list trip, but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy it too! I figured I'd do a quick update since we leave for the cruise part tomorrow and who knows what the wifi situation will be at that point.

We left home Wednesday early AM. Our flight took us from Seatac to Atlanta, then on to Quito, Ecuador. Yesterday was our first full day here. We had a lovely 6 hour tour that included walking through part of the old city center. We saw some fabulous churches, including the San Francisco Church, which is right across the plaza from our hotel. Because all the good photos are on my good camera (and the little widget that transfers them to my ipad is conveniently at home), you get iphone and swiped web photos. You can't take photos inside anyway.

That really doesn't do it justice. You just need to make a trip here.

Here's the other major church we saw, the La Compania Jesuit church, which is also magnificent. This one has more gold leaf than anything I've ever seen.

Here's part of the lobby of our hotel.

And our hotel from the plaza. It's the taller building on the right, peeking through the umbrella.
We went up to one of the volcanoes outside the city for lunch, there is a little restaurant that looks down on the caldera. The volcano is Pululahua, and a couple hundred families actually live and farm down at the bottom of the caldera. You guessed it, the photos will have to wait until I get home.

After lunch we went to the Equator! Those of you on Facebook have seen these photos, but this was a total touristy hoot. There is a nice monument that has a cool museum inside, and a yellow line painted on the Equator line.

And that's us standing on the Equator. John's in the Northern Hemisphere, I'm in the Southern Hemisphere.

I'm off for a bit of a siesta before dinner. Quito is at about 9000 feet, and the altitude is kicking my butt just a bit. More updates later!


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