There has been very little rain in Spain so far while we’ve been here. (Honest, that song ran through my head on the plane ride over here.) Internet access may be a bit limited during our trip, but I thought I would take advantage of free wi-fi at our Madrid hotel to post a short entry with one or two photos.

Madrid is lovely, I haven’t thought once about work (sorry, boss), and I’ve hardly had any time to even check email. Tomorrow we get on a train and travel to the Costa del Sol for a week on the Mediterranean. Then we spend another week driving around Andalucia, to Grenada, Arcos, and Sevilla. Then back on the train to Madrid for a day and then home. We’ve eaten lots of good things already. drunk lots of good wine, and walked all over Madrid. Tonight we get to go to a flamenco show, followed by some tapas tasting late into the night.

It’s the 400-year anniversary of Cervante’s Don Quixote, and we’ve seen this fellow everywhere:


I started reading Don Quixote earlier this summer, never finished it, but have resumed reading it on the trip.

OK, only one photo, as someone else is saying it’s his turn with the computer. I haven’t found any yarn shops yet. (How do you say “yarn” in Spanish?)

Adios! We’re off to flamenco!

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Espana! — 11 Comments

  1. Yarno. Of course. Okay see my great-grandfather had this theory that to speak Spanish all you had to do was put an “O” on the end of any English Word. He never knew it wasn’t the case, because all his Spanish friends and acquaintenances spoke English and just humored him.
    Have a wonderful trip, I read Don Quixote in high school, enjoyed it throughly. I should read it again in Spanish this time.

  2. Laughing @ “yarno.” I liked that one.
    Have a great trip – sounds like you already are.
    Happy Halloween!!!

  3. Oh, Madrid is a fun and majestic place. I envy you! So I guess this means no nanowrimo this year? I never even started it – too much to do this month! Enjoy the rest of you trip!