We’re out of here for a few days. The kitchen remodel project has gotten to the “sand and repair the kitchen floor” phase. There are a few places that will need patching where we’re changing things, so most of the kitchen and part of the dining room have to be sanded, stripped, and restained. We knew from experience that none of us can be in the house during the finishing process, and the noise is really a pain in the butt.

We’re hopping Amtrak to Portland for a few days. We figured as long as we need to be in a hotel, we might as well have a little fun in the process. And I hear that there are some good yarn shops there. (Shhhhh, John hasn’t heard this part.) He wants to watch Carolina play in the NCAA game Thursday night while we’re there, so I’m planning on trading that for a trip to a couple of yarn shops. Anybody got any favorites??

The pets are all at Green Acres Pet Resort*. That is, all except Lucy. She disappeared when it was time to get them all in the car, and didn’t come out until it was way past the time for us to have to get them on the road. Of course she came out about 20 minutes after John was on his way, so now she’s corralled into the cat carrier for the second trip to Green Acres this morning.

I have a finished project to show, but it will have to wait until we get back. We’re off to the train station!

*”Green Acres is the place to be! Farm living is the life for me! Land spreading out so far and wide, keep Tacoma and give me that country side!”

You are very welcome. I couldn’t resist spreading the earworm.

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Evacuating — 13 Comments

  1. You must check out Knit/Purl, home of Shi Bui – just a few blocks from Powell’s Bookstore downtown. My other fav is Twisted on NE Broadway, lots of sock yarn there. No sales tax so, think of all the money you will save.

  2. Have fun! Heh, I have a speed metal version of that song around somewhere and after hearing it, neither it nor the original get stuck in my head.

  3. Oh gosh. That last line has me in stitches (or is that in sts)??
    Now I’m going to be singing it all night long. Not cool as I have a board meeting to go to.
    Hope the renovation is a huge success.

  4. Oh, what fun! My cat runs and hides when I go downstairs to get the cat carrier. he knows when I’m going down to get the cat carrier and when I’m going to do the laundry. Don’t know how he knows, but he does!! Have great fun in Portland!!

  5. Thanks a LOT for that brainworm. Now you are probably going to follow up with Gilligan’s Island? “…a three hour tour, a threeeee hour tourrrrrrr….”

  6. Try MoleHill Farm (I think that’s right) Be careful if you go to downtown in the Powell’s area. Portland has a few ETOH users, etc. My son and daughter in law were accosted there as they were getting out of their rental car. Luckily no one was hurt, but the police said that it was common there and to be careful. Hopefully you took your GPS and can find your way around. My sis lives in West Linn (well up on the top of a hill near there) and Mole Hill farm is her fav yarn shop and easy to get to from her house. Enjoy!