Even I Was Surprised…

At how many places I’ve been!

visited 34 states (68%)
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The rest of the world* is little less well-travelled:

visited 18 states (8%)
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I have to laugh a bit at Canada. If you’ve been to one town in Canada, apparently you’ve seen an awful lot.

And here’s that map with some of the placed I’d LIKE to go!

visited 54 states (24%)
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So where have all of you been?

*Edited to add Morocco to the places I’ve been! Thanks, Kris, for noticing that, and you get the good memory award!

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Even I Was Surprised… — 8 Comments

  1. If you ever get to Iowa, come see me! And don’t feel bad – I grew up in Illinois, but had never been to Iowa until I came here for my job interview!

  2. You haven’t been to Iowa! Well you just have to go. Its a very lovely place. Especially on the MIssissippi river. And when you go to Flordia you must visit Nokomis. It has the best beaches.

  3. You’ve never been to DisneyWorld? Surely you jest! I was astonished by all your Canadian visitations until I read your explanation..tee hee! Sigh, I’m so ready for a trip!