Ferry Knitting

We took a little trip to Seattle this weekend.  Instead of driving up I-5 hell, we drove across the bridge to Gig Harbor and took the Bremerton ferry across the Sound.  This gave me a couple extra knitting hours.  I have a little trouble knitting in the car due to motion sickness, but the ferry is great.  I love living in a place where part of the public transportation system involves boats and water.

Here I am waiting in the car line to get on the ferry:


And on the ferry:


And the return trip:


I finished the back of Audrey this weekend.  Here is Willie’s opinion:


I really love the shaping on this pattern:


I am just not convinced that this is going to fit.  It seems like everyone on line says the same thing, so I am going to knit on and hope for the best.  It just looks so….skinny.  We’ll see.

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Ferry Knitting — 5 Comments

  1. I know what you mean about being afraid it won’t fit – the back seems so skinny and long! However, I’m going to have faith in the stretchy ribbing and the fact that no one’s had to frog it because it was too tight. Just tell yourself it will all be OK and keep on knitting.

  2. Audrey’s looking lovely. I’ve seen some finished and I’m being tempted. I too love ferries! When our kids were little and we were poor my husband and I would farm them out to the grandparents and for $5.00 each take the ferry (walk on) from Anacortes to Sidney, B.C. and back – about 3-4 hours each way. We’d pack our own lunches because we couldn’t afford ferry food and I would take my knitting. What a great date! Of course, it’s a great deal more than $5.00 now, but still a fun day.

  3. Love the color you chose for Audrey. It’s one of my faves. Try not to worry about the fit. The ribbing only *looks* skinny.