Since the Summer of Socks 2008 started 3 days ago, you might think I’d have started a sock for the knit-along by now. The rules say that to qualify, socks have to be started on or after the beginning of summer. Well, I already had a half done pair on the needles, and thought briefly about starting a second pair and setting those aside for later. Instead, I lined up a bunch of Tivo’d JAG reruns last night, and did a sock marathon, finishing the Three Irish Girl socks I had going. Here they are:

Project Details:

Yarn: Three Irish Girls Adorn sock yarn, color Eire. Boy, do I love this yarn. It’s nicely spun, and the colors are fabulous. I like it so well that I joined their Yarnista sock yarn club.

Needles: Knit Picks Harmony dpns, size 2.25mm.

For: Me

Started: May 19th, 2008

Finished: June 24th, 2008

Pattern: Standard 68 stitch stockinette sock, with picot tops and standard heel flap and gusset. The usual.

What I learned: This yarn is my new favorite. It plays very nicely in the yarn box. And I learned that I can knit a whole sock foot (women’s size 10 1/2, thank you!) in an evening of mindless JAG reruns.

I’m off to cast on the first pair of SOS ’08 socks. I have to choose the yarn first, not so easy, given the multitude of choices I have available. I posted these photos on the Ravelry SOS group, and I’ll post them here as well. This is my three box-loads of sock yarn. How many seasons of JAG were there, anyway? I clearly need to knit faster.

Stay tuned next time to see what I pick!


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  1. That’s quite a sock stash! I love the new ones. I have quite a stash of leftover for my sock yarn wall hanging but not many full skeins. Great eye candy.

  2. That is one awesome collection of sock yarn! And I thought I was getting brave because I have enough for maybe 10 or 11 pairs. If you’re taking votes on the yarn to use next, I suggest the blue in the bottom right corner of the first photo.

  3. I knew I liked you. Anyone who watches JAG is tops on my list. Hmmmmm. I think I should look into watching JAG DVDS. I bet I can find them on Netflix. Ciao. Gotta go check that out.
    BTW – all that yarn is making me salivate.

  4. Pretty new socks! Hee hee – you and I, we are in the same “too much awesome sock yarn from which to choose” boat. And so – I pick Regia or Meilenweit because it isn’t “special.”

  5. So glad you are all ok!!! wow…what an AWESOME trip!!! loved all the pictures and gee I was thinking maybe I should be a river rat for a season..that looks like a cool job HA! awesome pictures and views. You KNOW how to take vacations!!!

  6. Oh my goodness.
    I’d never be able to choose.
    You are like your own yarn store.
    Did I happen to mention how much I admire that about you?

  7. Hmmmm – maybe I need to come camp out in your stash room again! That is quite a collection. I can’t believe you can finish one sock in an evening! You are really fast..

  8. There are some real doozies in that pile! I like the purple/red in the last photo. Yum! How many are there? (Just trying to make myself feel better after my stash organization.)

  9. Oh, I really don’t feel near as bad now! I have a sock yarn “collection” also, but it’s a bit smaller than yours. My thought with sock yarn has always been, “if you see it and you like it, buy it because you won’t see it again!” Good for you!

  10. Holy chitlins! You could stuff a whole mattress with all that! Tell me you don’t. I can see you were on a Trekking, Opal and Regia kick….. No Koigu?

  11. Zowie. That is quite a stash. I’d just close my eyes, swirl the yarn around, and pick one. They’re all gorgeous.
    Now I don’t feel as if my sock yarn collection is *that* big and I can justify some new purchases.

  12. I love the finished socks, Lorette, especially the heel! :0) JAG, eh? Maybe I’ll check it out – I’m on the hunt for a new to me program to watch while nursing.

  13. Love those socks! And that’s a stash!
    (ok…sock yarn doesn’t count as stash, right?) Yarnista club? Hmm…off to check the site. Thank you! You’re a very good enabler…

  14. Ok, I thought I had the world’s largest sock yarn stash, but now I’m not so sure! Nice stuff there, and I love the Opal socks. Very jazzy.

  15. There were ten seasons of JAG. It was my favorite show and I was very sad when it ended. They are starting to become available on DVD if you are interested. The first six seasons are out so far. The socks look great.