My second favorite “f” word! This time it’s spinning stuff. I’m still working on Big Pink, I’m getting closer, closer. There’s been another impending baby announced in the family (different parents, another grand-nephew on the way!), so I better get moving. I’d like to finish this project before the next baby arrives. I tell you, these kids better stop multiplying for a little bit and let me catch up.

OK, the spinning. The first is a spindle project, and one of my February finishing goals. Here’s the finished yarn:

Click to embiggen, but remember these pictures were taken in the house in February, at the end of a very grey rainy day. The fiber was a batt from Butterfly Girl, and is a merino/bamboo blend, color name Blue Morpho. I spun this on a tiny stone whorl spindle, also from Butterfly Girl, and plied it on my Bosworth Midi spindle. This is a 2 ply. Here are the stats:

357 yards

96.2 g

This comes out to about 1684 yards per pound, or ypp. Here’s a web page that describes this, according to this, my yarn should be about a sport weight. That looks about right. It’s heavenly soft. I think it would be a great cowl or scarf.

Next is fiber from Corgi Hill Farm. This was a merino/silk blend with a little firestar sparkle, also a batt. The color was Raven’s Wing, spun and plied on my Schacht wheel. Finished weight was 4.53 oz, yardage 468 yards. YPP is 1671, which puts it in the sport weight category. The fiber was just divine, as is all of her fiber.

These are really hard to get photos of in February in western Washington, when it’s been raining all day. I might have to actually drag out my cheap lightbox and give this another try at some point. It’s gotten buried somewhere around here.

Last but not least is a very long term spinning project.

This one, I’m very proud of. Click on that photo to get a better idea of what it looks like. This started out last summer as 3 pounds of corriedale fiber from Louet, purchased from Paradise Fibers. The color is Pagoda Red, and isn’t quite as lipstick red as in that photo. I really will have to drag this out the next time we get sun and try another photo. It is more of a rust red than a ruby or garnet red. I wasn’t all that excited with the color when I got it, but now that it’s spun up, it is perfect for my coloring.

This was spun and plied (2 ply) on my wheel. It’s generally a worsted spun, as much as anything I spin is generally anything. I spun it with the wheel in Scotch drive. The finished weight of the yarn is 1315.7 grams, or 46.4 oz. The yardage is 2138 yards, giving me a ypp number of 737.2. This is pretty much a heavy Aran weight yarn. It is a little uneven in sections, but is way more consistent than I thought it would be for 3 pounds of fiber spun over 6 months. I think this will make a terrific sweater, which was my goal. It might even be next up in the queue, if I ever finish that True Blood sweater thing.

That’s it for the finished stuff. Oh yeah, I also finished sorting through all my yarns and fibers. After we got the closets done, I realized that I had a lot of empty space left over, so I dragged out all the yarn boxes and sorted through them. They desperately needed a little weeding out and reorganizing. I have one big box of yarn that is going on the for sale block at some point, I just haven’t decided how I want to do that. I’m not sure I have enough readers here to put it up on the blog, but if there’s enough interest I might be convinced to sell it off here first and then put the leftovers on Ebay or something. It’s all pretty good stuff, I just needed to get a little realistic about what I might actually knit up in the next few years. After I sorted it all out, it ALL fits in my closet, which makes me happy. If it’s out where I can see it, I’m hoping I’ll be more likely to shop the stash instead of those internet yarn stores that seem to be open 24/7/365.

Oh, OK, here’s a photo or two.

Yeah, I know that’s a boat load of yarn. John mentioned a business concept known as “just in time inventory“. I clearly need to take this under advisement, since I actually only finish knitting about three things a year.

Dorothy, now all the yarn is out of the guest bedroom, so you won’t be tempted any more when you come to visit!

And last but very not least, I now have room in my closet to do the sock laundry. Here’s proof.

That’s it. We’re off to the theater for the evening, then a late dinner afterwards.


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  1. Well drat! Although I never did it, I was always intrigued by the thought of going through the stash and sneaking off with some of it just to see if you’d notice. Now I have no choice but to be good – and where the fun in that?

  2. Oh, and nice spinning projects. I actually recognize some of it. Maybe next week I’ll get back to my wheel – now that the quilts are done.

  3. I would give my eye teeth to learn to spin but right now I don’t have the time. I’m still struggling with Christmas knitting! So I’m jealous that you were able to do all that spinning.

    As far as the stash is concerned, you call that a “boat load”? That’s only about half of what I have in similar boxes all over my little apartment! I must have a very patient DH…he has never complained about the size of my stash. Yup. I’m a lucky woman!

  4. Good progress! That Louet looks especially yummy.

    Just in time inventory is what they do at work, and we are constantly running out of Really Important Things.

  5. Fantastic spun FO’s! Love, love the red. I find that muggle men really don’t understand the stash concept.

  6. What beautiful yarns. I must say- pure genius with the ‘sock laundry’ area of the closet. Love it…the whole closet looks great.

  7. I say start by selling on the blog, you dont have to give EBAY your eyeteeth then, what is left put up on Ebay and hopefully it is not much!

  8. I love your second favorite ‘f’ word and congrats on those very pretty yarns you made. You have a fabulous stash, it must be really fun to go stash diving in that fancy new closet 🙂

  9. Love the FOs – especially the socks in the closet. Too cute. I’m working on knitting through my stash. I’m also giving it away to others who want to experience the joy of knitting.

    BTW – Did you see the newest design by Mary Scott Huff? Very, very tempting. Must.regain.focus. Must.regain.focus.

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