Finished Projects!

I actually have finished knitting something! Two somethings, to be precise.

First up is the Baby Riley birthday present. It’s off in the mail, so I can safely show it here. A couple of you guessed correctly, this was the Wonderful Wallaby pattern.

Project Specs:

Pattern: Wonderful Wallaby, by Cottage Creations
Yarn: Cotton Ease, in Pepto Pink (not the real color name!)
For: Baby Riley, my new great-niece (or is it grand-niece?)
Started: February 2007
Finished: March 29, 2007
Needles: KnitPicks Options circulars, and Swallow dpns, in size 4mm for the cuffs/bottom rib, and size 5mm for the rest.

Modifications: None. If I make this again, I’d do something differently with the split at the bottom of the v-neck. There’s a loose stitch there that gaps, and I think there are ways to knit that stitch so it doesn’t do that. I saw a version of this on Brooke’s blog with a cable up each side of the pouch and around the hood. That would be fun to do.

What I learned from this project: I have never knit a whole sweater in the round before. I’d still do most of my adult sweaters in pieces, as I think you have a little more control over the blocking process with flat pieces. I also don’t hate doing seams as much as many of you do. Mattress stitch seaming is actually fun to do, once you figure it out. For kid items, the in-the-round method is perfect.

Although I have a ton of Cotton Ease in the stash, this is embarrassingly the first thing I’ve made from it. The new colors are much more subtle, though again, for kid stuff, the bright crayon colors of the old CE can’t be beat. For cheap yarn, this stuff knits up wonderfully. I think I’d go down a needle size next time I use this yarn. I only used 2 balls plus a little from a 3rd for the smallest size in the pattern. CE has great yardage for the price.

I’d also note that the smallest size in the pattern is for a largish baby/toddler. This won’t fit a newborn, but that’s OK. Most new moms get loads of newborn items that the kid grows out of before they even get a chance to wear them. This probably won’t fit her until the winter months later this year, which is a good thing, considering that they live in the Phoenix area!

My other finished project:

Pattern: My generic, top down, picot hem socks. These have a 72-stitch circumference.
Yarn: Dicentra Designs superwash sock yarn, in the color Solar Energy, purchased from Teyani at Crown Mountain Farms. Don’t click that link if you are trying to limit your yarn acquistion. And don’t say I didn’t warn you.
Needles: Pony Pearl dpns, in size 2.00 mm. Yes, I knit the whole sock with that size.
Started: Remember this post?
Finished: This morning, in my jammies.
For: me!
Modifications: This is one of those logic puzzles, I think. Is it possible to call it a modification if you made up the pattern yourself?

What I learned: I shouldn’t try to cast on with size 2.00mm birch needles and drink martinis at the same time.
Seriously? Knitting a whole sock on 2.00 mm needles is not any harder than knitting them on bigger needles. This yarn is a bit thinner than some other sock yarns, but the finished sock at this gauge has a very nice feel to it. I really like this yarn, and will probably buy more of it when my next “free” day rolls around.

By the way, the Brittany Birch people did send me a replacement for that broken needle. They sent a whole set, not just the one needle. So if you ever break one, just email them and tell them your sad story.

What’s next on the sock knitting list? Well, since Easter is this coming weekend, I couldn’t resist this lovely hank of yarn from my stash.

This is Bunny Luxury, from Joslyn’s Fiber Farm. It’s an angora/wool blend, in the color Easter Eggs, and is approximately a sport weight. I don’t think she sells this particular blend any longer*, but it is amazingly soft. I thought this was an appropriate yarn for the season, even if there is no chance that I will finish them by Easter of this year! I just dare you to look at her yarn colors without buying something.

I’m off to wind up yarn.

Next time: Another installment of The Daily Bread.

*This is not the same yarn as the Bunny Heaven that she has currently available. The Bunny Luxury is 80% wool and 20% angora.


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  1. The Wallaby is adorable! I hope you’ll get to see her in it (even if just a picture), once it fits her.
    And I love the socks. I want to learn to do picot, I really like the way it looks.
    Two things – I’m impressed! You should have a celebratory drink … ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Oh yes! I can see it is pink!
    I got the Rustic Bread book! Love it. Now I think I know why I could not get them to raise in dry high Utah.
    I hope I’ll get a chance to take a picture of the next one before DH gets to it.

  3. Love the simplicity of the picot sock pattern – although I’ve recently had run elastic through mine to hold them up (washing must’ve stretched them).

  4. That little Wallaby is da bomb! It’s GREAT that it’s bigger than newborn. They only stay in them “for a sneeze,” as I saw somebody write recently. Love the socks, too!

  5. 2 very cute items. I think making a more toddler sized item for a baby is much more practical, they may actually get a season of wear out of it compared to a newborn who gets a few weeks.
    Those are really cute socks, love the colors.

  6. I love the baby sweater (and the color!).
    Happy Blogiversary. I’m a bit tardy in my blog “visiting”. I love your food posts. Your last bread looked sensational.

  7. Three cheers for the Cotton Ease baby sweaters! Wouldn’t it have been nice if they kept the old colors and brought out the new ones?

  8. Great FOs! The Wallaby is so sweet – I keep seeing these everywhere, and I would love to knit one up.
    I always think knitting a pair of socks should count as TWO FO’s – I know that they’re small, but there are a lot of stitches there, and you are getting two things, right? :0) The finished socks are great, so cheery and comfy looking. And I’m in love with the new yarn you’re winding up – I’m not clicking the link. Really, I’m not.

  9. Picot tops can’t be beat. Whenever I’m too tired to try a new cast on, it’s my safe haven. Sturdy, neat, and pretty all in one. If it weren’t so girly, Bill’s socks would have pointy tops too.

  10. I clicked on that link, and, boy, was I tempted! But I stayed strong – but noticed that the Yarn Focus Challenge is over in less than two weeks.

  11. The Wallaby sweater is very nice indeed. I was just recently introduced to the Pony Pearls and they are quickly becoming my favorite needles. I have a tendency to bend or break my wooden ones. And, 2.00mm results in the softest socks! Great job!

  12. Your Wallaby IS wonderful! I just found out that Michael’s is now carrying Cotton-Ease! No more shipping charges! Love the socks! It must be spring.

  13. Love the baby sweater – bright bright bright is perfect for kids, isn’t it? I wish the new Cotton-Ease still came in black…
    And the socks turned out greaat!

  14. Thank you so much for this post! I googled Cotton Ease and Wallaby because I just started one last night wiht the new CE for a friend’s baby in Phoenix. The baby is 9 months old right now and I am making the smallest size. I just wasn’t sure that it would fit her but from your post, I feel more confident now. Thanks again!

  15. What a cute sweater for Baby Riley. I like the name “Pepto Pink.”
    That Bunny Luxury look fab. Must check out the website.

  16. Your Wallaby gets a great big “Awwwwwwwwww!!!” Lucky baby! I love the picot sock. It’s just the right mix of simplicity and detail for a handpainted yarn. Great FOs!

  17. Love the wallaby! I like your simple sock pattern too. How many stitches do you cast on? Would love to try it myself.

  18. It’s more adorable in person!!! And it is sooo soft! Mommy loves it and Baby Riley better fit into this fall/winter! I love it! Thank you again *SO* much Lorette!

  19. love the pink wallaby! I saw a fun way to knit the v in front that involves picking up the stitches at the bottom of the v twice (once for the left shoulder , then pick up from the back of the same stitch for the right shoulder.) Hope that makes sense (grin) It creates two ribs up the front of the hoodie.
    Love the picot edge Solar Energy ! They came out so pretty.
    And be still my heart – are you really making socks that are part angora? it sounds dreamy ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Pepto Pink is perfect! Very very cute.
    Thanks (I think) for the link to Joslyn’s. Lots of very nice fibers there.