Finished Sweater!

I’m getting over the Bug of 2005; you know, the one that involves vomiting at a swanky holiday party, then spending the next two days in your jammies on the couch. I think I picked it up from my spouse, who has been sick for the past ten days and is just getting over it. I’m feeling considerably better today, which I attribute to the fact that I got a flu shot, and he didn’t, and that I come from much hardier peasant stock than he does. (For those of you with inquiring minds, the swanky holiday party was at our house, and no, I didn’t drink too much pomegranate punch.)

The only good thing about the Bug of 2005 is that spending two days on the couch in your jammies gives you lots of knitting time. Here’s the Not-Really-An-Everyday Cardigan, finished. Even the buttons are sewn on, my least favorite part of knitting.


No, the front is not asymmetrical, I think that I am. The button bands are actually quite straight. They should be, I had to knit one of them twice. I had the whole thing done, and as I was crawling around on the floor putting pins in to mark where I needed to sew on the buttons, I noticed that the button band was about two rows narrower than the buttonhole band. My ever-helpful spouse said that nobody would notice, but really, they would. So I undid the bind off and added a couple of rows. Here’s the “Rachel“.


And a close-up of the buttons.



Pattern: Plain cardigan, set-in sleeves, pattern generated by Sweater Wizard software.
Yarn: Peace Fleece, in the color Kamchatka Seamoss.
Needles: Denise circs, size 7 & 8.
Started: Late September, but I took a long break while we were on vacation to Spain.
What I learned: I started this one as the Everyday Cardigan sold as a kit from the Peace Fleece people. While I just love this yarn, I didn’t love the pattern. It’s a drop sleeve style, which isn’t what I had in mind, so I ditched it and made up a pattern with Sweater Wizard. So I guess the main thing I learned is to knit what I want, not just follow a pattern. I also learned how to do buttonholes a little less sloppy, and did a buttonhole stitch around them to neaten them after I finished them.
Verdict: I like this one a lot, and I predict that it will get a lot of wear. I would definitely make more just like this, and will definitely use the Peace Fleece again. It’s not one of those soft-against-your-skin yarns, but is a good, basic wool yarn in great colors.

Last but not least, a picture of Willie being his intrepid self.


Next time, Spain Photos, Part Eleventy-Thousand.


Finished Sweater! — 14 Comments

  1. The cardi looks great, and the Christmas tree is quite pretty as well. Hope you’re feeling better and sorry your party was a bit spoiled.

  2. That is a great sweater and it looks very good on you! You’ve inspired me to Sweater Wizard my next sweater (even though it means having to face up to my “real” measurements!)

  3. Terrific sweater — I agree the color is perfect for you, a good basic style that I’m sure will get a lot of wear, and you chose really wonderful buttons. What more could you ask? Oh, yes, no stomach flu. Hope you’re feeling better now.

  4. Love the cardigan – congratulations on being the master of your knitting! I think you will get a lot of wear out of this one. The fit is great, the color yummy and you did a great job!

  5. Oo lala! It came out great! It’s a really nice color for you too. The peace fleece colors are so nice. Where did you get the buttons? They really fit the sweater perfect. Good job!
    Oh and glad to hear you are feeling better too! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Lovely sweater! I’m imagining the way seamoss looks in person, though even photographed it looks great on you ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I just found your blog, and have thoroughly enjoyed your wit and your creations–not to mention your gorgeous pics of Spain. I guess I’m not the only knitting doc out there. I’m a pedi in Northeast Texas, and am proud to say I speak Redneck fluently (I should,I’m a 5th generation native). I’m the mommy to two beautiful and outrageous little girls, 5 cats, and 1 stay-at-home daddy. I too am a recent survivor of the Bug of 2005; fortunately, mine did not start at a swanky party in my home. Unfortunately, it hit me as I was trying to explain RSV (in Spanish, no less), to the mother of a patient I had just admitted. After a 2 hour respite in an empty hospital room, I completed rounds and spent the next two days in bed. The price of being a pediatrician! But at least my patients are all cute–most of them, anyway.
    I look forward to keeping up with you. Have a fabulous 2006!