It’s done!

Here is my sweetie in his new sweater:


And the “Rachael” shot:


And a new purchase:



I couldn’t resist this.  Just what every girl needs; olive drab socks to go with her army boots.


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  1. And you know it’s not that he’s funny looking that I’m giggling, right? Au contraire, he’s VERY handsome and the sweater is perfect on him. I just love that somewhere far away a guy had to do that pose for his wife…. hee hee hee…..

  2. Your sweetie’s sweater is wonderful! OOOhh I was thinking of getting the red cross kit…isen’t it cute?! Great idea who ever thought of it.

  3. The sweater came out great! I bet he loves it… my sweetie would love it if I made him a bunch of sweaters….so far I am only up to 1. 🙂

  4. It’s finished! It looks fantastic on your husband, and what a good sport he is. (“Do the Rachael!”) Great photos.

  5. Your husband looks fabulous in that sweater. Great job. I love the “Rachael” pose–what a great sport he is.

  6. I love my redcross knitting kit.
    I’m thinking I may get another one to keep and use this one. I have a couple of tins that I’ve used to hold my knitting and I think it looks adorable in there. Love the sweater for your hubby.

  7. hi lorette, great sweater and the rachel shot is priceless!! i just ordered that same kit for me and my mom – irresistible wasn’t it?!? 🙂