Five Rows Short Of A Sleeve

Or, Where I Am In That Crazy Never-Ending Eggplant Sweater

I really am going to finish this one of these days. For those not keeping track, I started this way back in December of 2005. Not 2006, but 2005. It sat in time-out for most of last year due to a variety of issues. I’ve been pretty sporadic about working on it, but I swear, I am not starting one more thing until this is done. That’s the first of two sleeves, and seriously, I’m thinking it would be preferable to just amputate an arm at this point. I don’t mind seed stitch, as I don’t mind purling, but given the miles of seed stitch in this sweater, I am getting heartily sick of it. That cable pattern going up the sleeve is of course the same one repeated across the front and back, so it’s all just boring at this point.

Not boring:

The Easter Egg socks are just wonderful. I love this yarn, even if I clearly can’t take pictures. While the yarn is a bit fuzzy, it’s my photography skills, or lack thereof, that makes them THAT fuzzy. I now have proof of why I buy as much yarn as I do for the stash. I only have one color of this yarn, this one, and they don’t make it anymore. Do I need any other evidence? I’m about ready to turn the heel on this one, my favorite part of sock knitting.

And in the category of funding my yarn retirement program:

Oh my. This is Dream In Color sock yarn. I was following clues on the internet one day, and found this. A few quick emails back and forth to Kris, the owner of Sonny and Shear, and she had a order on the way to her online shop. It came last week. It came, I ordered, it was delivered. She of course normally mails things, but we belong to the same knitting group that meets weekly, so she delivered it to me Wednesday in person. She had it in a brown paper sack so I could sneak it into the house without any interrogation. It sort of reminded me of a drug-dealer handoff.

Turns out I didn’t need to sneak it in. John took one look at that brown yarn, and claimed it as his own. (For socks for me to knit for him, not for him to knit!) Go buy some of your very own before Kris sells out of the stuff.

We’re off for another adventure tomorrow. We’re using a week of timeshare to go to Hilton Head.Β  My sister-in-law Ena will be there for part of the time. She emailed me to say that she’s learning how to knit, so I’ll have a partner in crime while I’m there. Woot! You’ll have to excuse me, I need to go pack knitting projects.

Added Later:

I promised Teyani a photo of my knitting spot in the kitchen:

When we remodeled, we got rid of our kitchen table and put in comfortable chairs for people to hang out in while we cook and chat. It’s turned out to be my favorite place to knit. When I’m in the kitchen by myself, I turn one of those chairs around to face the lake. Perfect!


Five Rows Short Of A Sleeve — 27 Comments

  1. I think that’s one of the oldest UFO’s I know of! At least you’re still working on it – I’m proud of you!
    And, great sock, great sock yarn! Enjoy your time away. :0)

  2. I think the sweater looks great (easy for me to say, I don’t have to knit it …)
    Oh the sock colors are great – I can’t wait to see the finished socks. And that new yarn sure is pretty …
    Have a good trip to Hilton Head! (I’m pretty sure they have martinis there!)

  3. That yarn is gorgeous!! and your kitchen knitting spot is wonderful!
    Good luck with that sweater, the beautiful color should help a bit πŸ˜‰

  4. That has got to be the most gorgeous knitting place ever. And, a perfect place for breakfast, lunch and dinner for two!!

  5. Be sure and check out The Courtyard while you’re on Hilton Head. It’s all the way at the end of the island on Palmetto Bay Road. Cute little place and one of my favorites.
    Take lots of shorts and t-shirts, it’s really muggy (humid)around here.
    Sheri in GA

  6. Oh how I want to be in one of those chairs with that beautiful view! How can you tear yourself away from that incredible space?!

  7. That’s one good thing about knitting. You can put it down and it will sit patiently waiting to be finished. I love the color of your sock – very “springy.” Have fun in HH. We haven’t been in quite a while, but we used to go at least once a year.

  8. lovely! I think I’m on my way over to hang out in your kitchen!! (I’ll bring the lemon drop martini’s- grin) Thanks for the photo!
    I love that eggplant sweater! If you wanna adopt it out, I’d be buying.. (honestly!) It’s gorgeous.
    and the socks – well, definitely fun. good for you. Love the IRA additions. I’m right there with you. I figure I’ll be living on fiber and yarn when I’m in my 80’s (grin)

  9. I can testify to the comfortableness (is that word?) of those chairs! I’ll have to live vicariously through your sock yarn for awhile. When I brought home my new sock yarn that I got with my Christmas gift certificates, I couldn’t cram it in the sock yarn stash. So I’d better knit some up before buying more!

  10. I am quite jealous of your knitting spot!! and your long time WIP sweater will be so worth the wait and perseverance. My favorite sweater is my Must Have Cardi which went in and out of hiding for 1 1/2 years.

  11. I have a sweater from Talbot’s that my husband says looks like an Easter Egg. I like those colours! But, of course, we know what outfit he (and all men) like best,

  12. Oh, Lorette, what a gorgeous knitting spot.
    Last night, I finally frogged a vest that I’ve had around, awaiting finishing, since before I started blogging… 3 years ago. I think I have one item on the needles that’s even older than that, probably also destined for the big R.I.P.
    Your eggplant sweater looks like it’ll be a winner when you do finish — great color for you.

  13. First of all, seed stitch sucks. Looks nice, but it’s a pain when you really want to move fast on something.
    Secondly, I heart that kitchen spot! My kitchen window overlooks my wood pile. It’s a stunning view.
    Do you have room in your suitcase for a wayward pediatrician and her golf clubs? Have a great time in Hilton Head–it’s one of my favorite spots around. Have some blackened sea bass at the Crazy Crab for me!

  14. I love that eggplant color. Having finished a UFO that was six years in the making (well, dormant for about five of those years), I can only tell you the lightness of spirit that results from clipping the last end is indescribable! But I can sympathize with rows and rows of seed stitch. I made a child’s sweater for my son that had a design like that (and he was only about 4, so the sweater was small), and I thought I’d lose my mind on the back–which was almost all seed stitch with two small cables. And adult sweater with a pattern like that would give me pause too.
    What a beautiful place to knit.

  15. The sweater does look gorgeous, as does your knitting spot! You have excellent taste lady. I love a stealth purchase, my yarn comes home in a briefcase πŸ˜‰ Love that Easteregg yarn! You’re right, stock up for they may stop producing!

  16. Have a wonderful trip! Isn’t that dream yarn scrumptious. I haven’t knit with it, but bought it once as a prize and boy did I ever want to keep it for myself.
    I’m sure you’ll finish your sweater, although as a doctor I’m sure you can find someone to amputate if it’s necessary πŸ™‚
    And that is a lovely place to knit!

  17. That has to be the best knitting spot ever. What a view! I am so jealous.
    Good luck finishing the eggplant sweater. I love the way seed stitch looks but don’t like making it much.

  18. I just pulled out one of my UFO’s from 2005 as well, so you are not alone. Lovely yarns! and your knitting spot looks so cozy.

  19. Oh what a lovely sweater,go-go-girl..It will turn out marvelous.Love the colour too..And the yarn…*me like*! Good luck πŸ™‚

  20. Hello from another knitting doctor! I had to respond to one of the first comments: I have a UFO from — umm — 15 years ago?? I started it in residency; moved and it was lost; found it last year buried in a box in a closet. It’s an Aran sweater in traditional bainin wool, one sleeve and half the body done. Unfortunately, the moths knew where it was even when I didn’t; plus I knit it in the round (almost up to the armholes) which I wouldn’t do now for Arans, even though I much prefer circular knitting. And also now I know my gauge in the round is tighter than my gauge knitting flat; and also I was a different size back then. Other than that, it’s beautiful! I might felt it and turn it into a pillow…then the moth-nibbled parts would probably be ok.
    Seed stitch is a soul-destroyer on a project level, isn’t it? My first real knitting project was a seed stitch vest in acrylic. It’s a wonder I ever knit anything else. I will say it looks good and doesn’t curl, though.

  21. I remember a great trip to Hilton Head, with the best side jaunts to Charleston, Beaufort, and Savannah. I too don’t remember much yarn, but LOTS of antiques. I bought one of those exquisite sea grass baskets that still smells of the sea. I have it on my coffee table with a knitting project always in it. And I COVET that lacquer red yarn color. It’s like an Avon color from my childhood.