Five Things I Miss From Childhood

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1. Playing outside all summer long with my little brother and the neighborhood friends until long after dark. The usual games were variations of hide and seek, with the main object being to jump out and scare the hell out of whoever was “it” when they found you.

2. Having whole summers off to play without having to think about school.

3. Going back to school in the fall. I especially liked the pre-school shopping. Every year we would get a new pair of school shoes, and the smell of new leather shoes can still transport me back to when I was eight. I also loved shopping for school supplies, and still do. Get me in the aisle with the pencils, and I am hopelessly smitten.

4. Going to the library in town on Saturday. My home town had only about 800 people, but thanks to some rich lady who donated money, we had a nice little library. On Saturday my mom would pack us all up to go to town to do the shopping, visit with the town relatives and friends, and then go to the library. I would load up with as many books as I could carry to last me until the next weekend. My mother had to keep reminding the library lady that, yes, my daughter can read more than one book in a week. And that it was OK for me to check books out of the adult fiction section, because I’d already read all the ones in the kid section. My mom was a fan of reading, and mostly we were exempt from chores if we were parked somewhere with a book in hand. Hence my love of reading. Anything that gets me out of cleaning house can’t be bad.

5. Having crushes on boys. Yes, I know you can still get crushes on boys as an adult, but they don’t have the same intensity or cause quite as much insanity as when you are thirteen. There is just nothing in the world like that feeling that you will certainly die if he doesn’t notice you, and then again the feeling that you will die if he does.

I finished one of the Watercolor socks over the weekend. I grafted the toe while getting my hair foiled for highlights. Every single time I go to the salon, I wish I’d taken my camera, as I always take knitting along. Though I’m not sure you all are ready for a picture of me with ten pounds of foil and glop in my hair. Here’s the sock.


And I cast on for the mate immediately, in hopes of someday finishing the pair.


I also started an afghan square for the Blanket Project started by Annie, in memory of John Glick, Kerstin’s brother-in-law. Go here for details.


Those of you with very good memories might recognize this yarn. It was gifted to me by Kristen after my hand injury, so I could play with Koolaid dyeing while I couldn’t knit. Here is the post that describes the process. I figured this was a very appropriate use for the yarn!

I’m off to unpack more boxes. We have company coming in a month, so I now have a deadline for getting all the stuff jammed into the guest rooms back to its proper place.


Five Things I Miss From Childhood — 6 Comments

  1. Love the sock. Wanna see Knitting Doctor in glop. And foil.
    I remember those crushes. Emotional training wheels.

  2. I seriously need to get some wool for that afghan project. Can you believe I don’t have any! All of my stuff is cotton and cotton blends.

  3. what a great use for the kool aide wool. i like the stitch pattern that you are using. we saw the yarn harlot at weaving works, i am sorry that i hadn’t gotten to 3rd place books because it would have been great to meet you as well.

  4. Wow – your childhood sounds just like mine! Add in chasing fireflies on a summer night. My Dad was in the Navy and the first thing we did when we moved to a new place (even before the boxes were unpacked) was go to the library and get cards. I remember getting my first card so I didn’t have to check out under my parents’ cards. I felt so grown up!

  5. What a great sock! I love the square idea…I am going to do one now too… Kirsten is such a sweet heart and I feel horrible for all the pain her family has been through recently.