Fluting and Knitting

Here is my amusing thing of the day. I was sorting through a pile of magazines this morning and found the January and February issues of Flute Talk.

Look at those sweaters! I want both of them. I even have yarn to make the oatmeal colored one. There was no mention in the articles about these two fluters being knitters, but it wouldn't surprise me. My flute teacher is a knitter. As in a lot of the performing arts, there is a fair amount of waiting around down time, perfect for knitting a row or two. And the woman in the top photo mentions in the article that she travels upwards of 5 months a year. That's a lot of travel knitting time.

I'm off to practice. And knit. Or both.



Fluting and Knitting — 5 Comments

  1. I haven’t played the flute since I moved onto middle school. My brother started the flute when I quit and he played from elementary school through middle school. I don’t know if he really wanted to learn the flute, but my parents didn’t want the relatively expensive-for-their-budget instrument to just lay there. I recently took up the piano, after my younger daughter quit after 10 years of lessons. Sometimes I knit a few rows between practicing songs. I don’t think my piano teacher would appreciate that, but it helps me get through practice, especially the boring exercises.

  2. If you figure out the pattern for the oatmeal sweater, please post! Enjoy your trip!