This was absolutely the easiest FO in the world! All I had to do was let Dorothy and her husband stay here one night earlier this summer. As a “hostess” gift, she brought this. I’ve been quite remiss in posting about it!

Isn’t that gorgeous? The photo does not do justice to Dorothy’s perfect stitches. Click on it to get a better look. Of course the color is all off. It’s really more of a wine-colored red, not as orangey red as that looks on my monitor. The shawl pattern is Hidcote Garden Shawl, by Miriam Felton, the yarn is an unknown lace from Dorothy’s stash. Whatever it is, I adore it. Thanks, Dorothy! I like the pattern enough that I could see knitting one myself. Though maybe my plan should be to pack up all the lace yarn, send it to Dorothy, and then just invite her down for weekend visits.

Here’s another FO, this time my own. No, it’s not knitting. I’m still working on all the same stuff. Though I have actually been very slowly making progress on that True Blood Faery albatross. I can actually almost see little cables starting to appear, it just doesn’t look like it in a photo. No, this FO is of the spinning variety.

The fiber is from Spunky Eclectic, a merino-tencel blend. The official color name was “Walking on the Sun”. Every time I would spin, all I could think about was that goofy 80’s song “Walking on Sunshine” by Katrina & the Waves. I couldn’t get it out of my head, so I decided to change it. I think it looks like a Tequila Sunrise, and I like that song much better, so there you have it. You have to put up with some crappy ads to get to that song by the way, but it’s worth it to watch Glenn Frey sing for a few minutes. Ahem. Yes, well, back to the fiber. It’s spindle-spun, on my Bosworth midi spindle. It’s not washed yet, but I figured I better get a photo up while I was thinking about it.

I ran across this rather grisly news story when bouncing around the internet this week. This is enough to get me to make plans to do a major dredging in the house. We did just that a few years back, hauling carloads of stuff to Goodwill and the local garbage dump. Somehow it always finds its way back in, though. We’re getting to that age where the reality is that someday in the not-too distant future we’ll need and want to downsize to a smaller place. I’m thinking it would be less painful to get rid of stuff in small increments rather than all at once when we are ready  to move. Don’t worry, I’m not starting with the fiber and yarn stash just yet, though. I’m not that crazy.

Next time, I promise a photo or two of my own knitting!


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  1. The gift ~ fabulous! The spinning~ beautiful! I love the color. Happily, I don’t know the songs, and so won’t get trapped into them. The news story~ Gross! It sounds like my wacky aunt. She is not quite that bad, however. Not yet anyway.

  2. The gift is breathtaking! Her work is inspiring! The hand-spun is amazing, regardless of what name you prefer to call it by. The spinning bug is biting but I am far away from your talents, so I will just stay in awe and await the transformation from the photo to a hand-made object of desire. The news story is just too gross for words….blerg.

  3. What a gorgeous shawl!! You are so blessed to have such a lovely friend!

    I just got my first drop spindle (a cheapie but well-balanced) and I’m pre-drafting my first bit of roving. I’m kinda nervous about this but I’ve gotten the spinning bug like so many others. (Seeing your lovely yarn sure gets my creative juices flowing!) My dream is to have an electric spinning machine…I’m in a wheelchair and can’t treadle…but that’s a long way off due to the usual $$ shortage. So I’m going to learn the ancient way of spinning first. Wish me luck!!

  4. Not ignoring the shawl or the yarn — they’re both wonderful, but I can’t get beyond your use of the word “dredging.” Very funny!

  5. Considering the hospitality that you and John always offer, I say pack away and I’ll get my needles ready! I always feel so pampered when we come down there. Lovely spinning. I’m really missing my wheel. I brought a spindle with me and haven’t even touched it. I think I have a block.

  6. Wow! I have a Hidcote that’s been hibernating for ages – I think I cast on about 4 years ago! I may have to pull it out and work on it again. Dorothy’s is lovely.

  7. What a gorgeous shawl! And so nice that your friend gifted you with it – so many people hesitate to give knitted presents to knitters – not sure why because they’d be sure to appreciate it more than any non-knitter. I intended to finish a shawl for myself for the opera (we have a full season subscription with tickets on the main floor & the temperature varies widely – generally freezing at the beginning but usually warming up by intermission). But the first opera is in a few weeks & I still haven’t started – & I’m in the middle of a sock knitting frenzy (2 more grands’ birthdays in November). Maybe by the middle of the season?