Free Yarn, Part 2

You guys rock. I got way over 100 comments on my last post. It’s amazing how “Free Yarn!” brings people out of lurkdom. Thanks for all the lovely Blogiversary good wishes!

You all have some great gadget ideas, though admittedly, I’ve used many of them already. I’m mostly impressed that knitters are so accomplished at MacGyvering ordinary objects into knitting gadgets.

Ok, I know what you all want. You want to know who won, and what they won. I’ll stop yammering. Here’s the way it works. The random number generator chose the first winner, and I picked the second one because she was the first commenter to make me laugh out loud. And what are the odds, they’re both from Minnesota.

Miss T won the random number spot, with her comment about her very special stitch markers. If she hadn’t won the random number award, she’d have been a contender for the “make me laugh” award. Her favorite stitch markers say “Oops” and “Crap”.

The funny award goes to Chris. She listed several of her favorite tools and gadgets, one of which is her treasured drug dealer’s scale. Her second comment was the one that made me laugh out loud.

“Oh! I got my drug dealer’s scale via You know how they have those “people who purchased what you are looking at also bought” links? There was only one such link, and it was to a book of marijuana horticulture. I shoulda taken a screen shot.”

What do they win? Here are the photos. Miss T will choose first, then Chris gets to pick from what’s left. They each get to pick one thing. I had a hard time picking stuff from all my favorite yarn, let me tell you.

First up is a pile of sock yarn. Each of these choices has enough yardage for a pair of socks.

From left to right:
Socks That Rock mediumweight, in Fairgrounds
Schaefer Heather, in Gertrude Ederle, one of the Memorable Women colors
More STR, in Lenore, one of the Raven series
Dream In Color Smooshy sock, in Deep Seaflower
STR again, this time in Silkie, a merino/silk blend. The color is Walking on the Wild Tide
Last but not least, Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn, in Dusk

Here are the non-sock options.

Blue Sky Alpaca & Silk, in a very pale pink. There are three skeins, each 146 yards.

On the left, one lonely little skein of Alchemy Haiku, in the color Mediterranean, 325 yards. On the right is Lorna’s Laces Helen’s Lace, a silk/wool blend, in the color Sage, just ever so slightly not-solid, 1250 yards.

Knit Picks Shimmer, in the color Grape Hyacinth. This is a total of 1760 yards.

This is more alpaca, this time from Hood Canal Yarns. The color name is “Ocean Collection 1”. This is approximately a sport weight, and is a total of 300 yards.

Last but not least, from Blue Moon Fiber Arts again, this time some real cobwebby stuff. This is Silk Thread II, in the color Grawk. It’s 1125 yards, and would make a lovely shawl, if you are inclined to knit an entire shawl out of nearly black thread.

Let the games begin! If either of you have any other questions about the choices, let me know. They’ve all been lovingly stored in closed containers, and are unused, though all have been occasionally fondled.

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Free Yarn, Part 2 — 9 Comments

  1. I missed all the free yarn! Just as well, really, I’d be found huddled in a corner mewling under my breath, “can’t choose… too hard… want it all…”
    Ahem. Congrats to the winners!

  2. Congrats to the winners. I’m on vacation, so I missed the contest. But, my favorite non-traditional knitting tools are a bobby pin and an old fashioned hot roller u-shaped roller holder. I use both for cable needles or sewing needles–when I’m not doing cables without holders and when I’m away from my knitting tool kit. I started using these instruments when I was in high school, in the mid 60’s!! Thanks for the idea of sharing tools!!