Free Yarn, Part Two


The Winner! (see below)

The Slacker (me)

OK. I know I said the contest ended on Thursday, that would be two days ago. I’ve gotten sucked into work again for a week, and things got away from me. More on that later.

I was highly entertained by all your comments on my “Free Yarn” post. Thanks to you all, we now have about thirty years of vacation spots lined up, and we’ll likely never get to all of them. (Just like I’ll never get to knitting stuff from all the yarn in the stash…when did that ever stop me from trying?)

Without further ado, the winner is, by way of the Random Number Generator:

Charity, author of the blog Knitting In The North. Go check out her blog. She is a wonderful knitter, and has lovely children. Her little Liam is just the cutest thing ever born.  And she lives in Canada. Who doesn’t love Canada? She gets the lovely electric blue Aran weight yarn, and perhaps a couple of little extras that I’ll throw in.

As to the work week. This is my last work week at the old job. I’ve joined a new practice as an internist in the same city, same hospital, but a different group, starting in November. I have two more days in my current position, then a couple of weeks off to re-group and get oriented, then it’s off to the races in a new capacity. It should be fun and exciting, and a little more of a sane work schedule, I hope. I definitely need more time to knit and spin (and sleep!), and to travel to all of those places that you guys recommended. Wish me luck! I’ll be back with a Project Update next week!

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My name is Lorette. I learned to knit in 1999, and took up spinning in 2009. I'm a physician specializing in internal medicine, and live in the Pacific Northwest. Enjoy my blog!


Free Yarn, Part Two — 16 Comments

  1. Good luck on the new job. I have finally learned to spin and plyed my first yarn the other day I was so pleased with myself. It wasn’t the wheel it was me. I bought a beautiful pottery yarn bowl to put it in and it makes me happy to look at it, the potter did a great job on the bowl. I’m a sucker for handmade. Have a great day!

  2. Congrats to Charity!

    I LOVE Canada – or Canadia, as we call it …

    Best of luck with your new job. Sane work schedules rock, in my opinion.

  3. Thank you, thank you, again! I’m really excited! 🙂

    A new job? That’s great news! I hope the transition is smooth, and the hours are much more livable.

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  5. I hope everything goes well for you. Just be patient with yourself as you adapt to a new routine (advice offered from someone who has freaked out on every new job she has ever held).

    And if you ever want to do a yarn crawl in NYC, I’ll be happy to be your “native guide”.

  6. Nice going, finding another position to better suit your life/needs. As one in search of a job myself, not just any job but one that ‘fits’, I must say congrats and (little bit of envy here) I want one of those!

  7. Yay to it being the last week of the insane job!! Life will be so much better once you are in the rhythm of the new one.
    Congrats to the yarn winner!! (and I’m sorry I was out of town and missed that post 😉

  8. Rats! I would have entered but I was off on my own adventure in London. The blue was gorgeous.

    Oh if you haven’t been to London you might want to put it on your places to go list. It was fantastic. So good in fact that I only got 4 small rows of knitting done during the 7 days we were there. Finally started knitting for real on the 9 1/2 hour plane ride back to the States.