Fritz’s Baby Blanket

As promised, I’m finally getting around to posting a “Finished Project” update. I finished this right before we left on vacation in September, and then just forgot about posting.

Project Details:

Pattern: Quill, by Jared Flood

Yarn:  Frolicking Feet sock yarn, Sapphire Blue

Needles: 3.75mm

Started: 4/29/16

Finished: 9/6/16

For: my grandnephew Fritz

Modifications: none

What I Learned: Babies sometimes get born early. Starting knitting now.

This was a well done pattern, instructions clear and straightforward. This would be pretty in a lace weight yarn as well.

And more photos.



In other news, for some reason I’ve started to get blog comments emailed to me, at least sometimes. We’ll see.


Fritz’s Baby Blanket — 6 Comments

  1. Lovely blanket and thanks for posting the details. It seems just about the perfect pattern for such a project: big enough to be of use, enough detail for a change from the mindless knitting portion and a pretty solid centre for warmth

  2. I do have a question – this is so amazingly beautiful all blocked out. But what happens when it gets washed? Does it need reblocking? I’ve always been hesitant to gift something like this to a new baby because I’m afraid the beauty will only last until the first washing.