Front, Done!

I finally have some knitting progress to post about.  The front half of John’s sweater is done.   I had a bit of trouble with the short rowing on the shoulders.  It seems that doing short rows at the same time that you do narrow stripes makes for some awkward moments.  Let’s just say I have a lot of ends to weave in.  But the front looks mostly the same as the back in the striping and pattern sequence.

Here is the front:


And a close-up:


Willie’s opinion of my work:


As long as I’m doing the pet photos, here is Lucy:


And Riley, having fun in the lake!


I’m back at work this week, so am just happy to have a few moments to knit and write.  My work weeks are always somewhat insane.  My week starts on Tuesday, and runs for seven days, so I generally try to get every last bit of enjoyment out of my days off.  Here is a picture of me this past Monday, relaxing for the last time before starting in on another siege:


As you can tell, it was a very nice day in the Puget Sound area.

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Front, Done! — 10 Comments

  1. Looks like the sweater earned the kitty stamp of approval! Also, Lucy is beautiful!
    I feel like I’m the only knitter out there that doesn’t have a pet named Lucy. Maybe I should work on that…

  2. What a nice knitting spot! Puget Sound looks lovely. When I was graduating from high school a college in the PS area sent me a promotional flyer with the catchy phrase “How does Puget Sound?”

  3. What a wonderful way to relax – “Knit with a view” 🙂 Lucky You. Short rows and stripes sound like a headache to me!

  4. Love the view. And the sweater looks great. Have you considered carry up any of those ends rather than cutting…I think the rule is 4 rows. I let my rows go as long as 6 (maybe longer) when I knit that baby cardigan for my spring fling.

  5. I carried the yarns up all the way up till I got to the short row parts on the shoulder. There were a couple of rows where I needed to be starting with a different color of yarn that what I had on that side of the shoulder, due to the short rowing. So it’s just on the neck/shoulder area that it’s a weaving mess!

  6. What a cool sweater. And when I clicked to get a close up, I saw your bedspread – it reminded me of my Grandma – she used to have one just like it! Thanks for the memory!

  7. Where were you….Puget Sound wise? I lived on Friday Harbor for some time (Yay!) now on mainland ( Not so Yay, but OK)…one of the most beautiful spots on earth. Oh, and I knit too…when my 16 lb cat wil give me back my lap.