Fun On The Left Coast

Well, actually the North Coast. People tend to forget that our country does have a northern coastline, and it’s out here in western Washington. John’s sister Ena and her friend Sherry were visiting this past week from Georgia, and we took a short trip out to the Olympics for a few days. We stayed in a cabin on Lake Crescent and just had a fabulous time. Here’s where we stayed, and here’s a photo of Lake Crescent.

Here are a few more photos.

That’s from Hurricane Ridge, in Olympic National Park.

That was taken yesterday morning, from the deck of our cabin. We had a whole week of gloriously sunny weather while they were here. The fog on the lake was gone by mid morning, and though it was in the 50’s, it was gorgeous outside.

Yesterday we took a drive out to Cape Flattery, which is the northwestern-most point of the continental US. That photo is part of the coastline along the way.

That’s you-know-who, ready for a hike.

That’s part of the boardwalk out to the point.

Sock on vacation. Proof that knitting still happens around here.

My traveling companions.

And last but not least, a fish in hiking shoes. Don’t ask.

I did get a little knitting done, though the inside activities mostly seemed to involve cooking, eating, and drinking. Maybe next time I’ll have some knitting photos to show!

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Fun On The Left Coast — 9 Comments

  1. What wonderful pictures. They are all like postcards. Makes me want to jump in the car and head that general direction. Good to see that knitting at least went with you. And since there was cooking, eating and adult beverages I can totally understand how knitting did not garner as much time as it could have.

  2. Don’t you love VRBO? We’ve used them a couple of times this year for the first time & were quite happy with the results. It’s nice being able to see photos on line. We will be taking one or both of the grandsons on vacation next summer & that looks like a good spot. I’ve never been to the Olympic Peninsula – just seen the mountains from Seattle – but always wanted to go. The idea of a temperate rain forest intrigues me. If the grands were still living in Palo Alto, that really would’ve been perfect – train up to Seattle & rent a car & go there (they were both Thomas the Tank Engine fanatics as toddlers so still love trains as do I.) Unfortunately their daddy switched jobs back to the first employer he worked for in Baton Rouge. Well it is not unfortunate inasmuch as he is so much happier – less money but we could all tell he really hated his employer in Ca & the company was up for sale & he thought his job was at risk. He is happy as a clam but we are all missing Palo Alto – they have the best pre-school I have ever seen (Parents Cooperative) &, of course, it is just the most incredibly beautiful state beatiful naturl settings an hours drive away & the nicest amusement park for young children I’ve ever seen – Gilroy Gardens. Only good thing about Louisiana is the food. We could take the train to LA & then up the coast but that would have to be at least 2 days. I’ve taken the train from Chicago to SF which is about 53 hours & I was happy as a clam – gorgeous scenery & lots of time to read & knit (& there were several other knitters in 1st class) but I’m not sure how well 7 & 9 year old boys would tolerate it – well the older one who taught himself to read at 4 & read all of the Harry Potter books by his 6th birthday would probably be just fine but the younger one maybe not. And the younger one hates to fly (they drove from Palo Alto to Baton Rouge & both loved it.