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Folk Alley. I’ve mentioned it before, and will mention it again. Rachael led me to this internet radio station a few weeks ago, and there has been little else playing on our stereo since. We have our computer hooked up to our home stereo so we can get streaming internet radio with great sound. That, and the speakers we wired in to the upstairs of the house means we can listen to great music night and day if we want.

Anyway, this is 24-hour commercial-free radio, with a great announcer who tells you about all the songs. Not too much talk, just enough so you know what you are listening to. It’s a great mix of traditional folk, Americana, world music, bluegrass, and stuff I just can’t pigeonhole. And it’s all FREE!

As you know however, nothing great is really free. Somebody has to pay for it. In this case it’s mostly the listeners who volunteer to send money in. Go listen, and if you like it, send them money so they stay on the air.

They don’t pay me to write this, really!

Yee-haa, we’re going to listen to Leon Russell tonight! He’s playing at Jazzbones in Tacoma, and I didn’t find out till I figured tickets were long gone. I called and they are saving a bunch of tickets to sell at the door, so we’re going to line up in the rain soon.

I worked on that purple sweater today. Looks the same, just bigger! We spent part of the day taking a bird watching walk in the Nisqually Wildlife Refuge today, then a nap to prepare for a late night out. So not much knitting done.

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  1. Great link. You might also like http://www.wdvx.com –fondly known as the hillbilly station at our house– and one of my favorite things to listen to while knitting.
    Am enjoying your blog. Thanks for sharing all your projects/pictures.

  2. The last time I had access to broadband, I found Folk Alley. I agree, it’s a very enjoyable station to listen to! It’s one of those things I’d probably pay to support.

  3. Don’t forget http://www.wumb.org/
    WUMB is 24-hour folk radio that goes out over the air here in the Boston, MA metro area, and that can be listened to via the web world-wide. Great station, playing mixes picked by the various program hosts rather than by a marketing committee. Lots of live performances, on-air interview/studio sessions, and a great range of stuff played. Even the thanks-for-your-membership CDs are great.