Great Yarn!

The yarn fast is officially busted. I can talk ad nauseum about what made me decide to not buy any yarn for 1 year, 43 days, but I know you are here for the yarn.


When I fall, I don't fool around. That is enough yarn for 3 mid-sized shawls. The shop is A Great Yarn, which is a new shop in Chatham, it is a combined yarn shop and used book store. The owners couldn't be any nicer, and she carries some really unique yarns.

From left to right in the second photo:

Hikoo Rylie, color is Sandbar, which is a very soft pale sage. It is 50% alpaca, 25% mulberry silk, and 25% linen, about a worsted weight. There are 500 meters.

The second is Plymouth Linaza, color Red. This one is 50% alpaca, 25% linen, and 25% tencel, sport weight. 804 meters. I think it is the exact color of the lovely cardinal that has been serenading us out the window of our room at the Inn.

Last but not least is Zitron Glanz Punkt (who knows what that means?), color is Beach Glass. This is 60% silk, 40% modal (tencel), also about a sport weight. 600 meters total.

1904 meters added to the stash.

These little shawls-to-be will provide me with great knitting pleasure. I don't feel one bit guilty. The colors will forever remind me of this trip–the beach, the sandbars, and that very cheerful and brilliant red cardinal.

We've had a great adventure in Cape Cod. We got here Sunday in the late afternoon after dawdling around along the coast. Yesterday we dawdled around all day driving north up the Cape, dipping in and out of the Cape Cod National Seashore (a National Park). We mostly had the beaches to ourselves all day.

Today we stuck around the Chatham area. We went to the yarn shop, then spent a lovely hour or so at the Chatham Marconi Maritime Center, which is a small museum devoted to the whole Marconi wireless invention and the evolution of wireless from the early 1900s to after World War II. The first transatlantic wireless transmission from the US to Europe was from the towers that he built just north of Chatham. We saw the site yesterday, though the towers are long gone due to beach erosion. And Chatham was the location of one of the major wireless units that intercepted Enigma-coded transmissions from German submarines, then transmitted them to Washington DC where they were then decoded. It is a fascinating story, and we learned about the whole thing from the lovely enthusiastic woman that was running the museum today. We spent the afternoon in the sunshine checking out the waterfront, and have dinner reservations later this evening.

Tomorrow we head back to Boston for my medical conference which means three whole DAYS of knitting.

That's all I have to say. I'm going to go take a nap and dream about knitting.


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My name is Lorette. I learned to knit in 1999, and took up spinning in 2009. I'm a physician specializing in internal medicine, and live in the Pacific Northwest. Enjoy my blog!


Great Yarn! — 8 Comments

  1. GlanzPunkt means “highlight”. Or I’ve seen “brilliant point” as well. Beautiful yarns…good choices when breaking your yarn fast!

  2. Looking forward to seeing your prjects with the new yarn. Enjoy. The knitting, er, I mean the conference…

  3. Lovely choices! I have a piece of smooth beach glass that I’ve been carrying around in my pocket that reminds me of that yarn!

  4. Zitron – Brand
    Glanz Punkt – shiny point (or period). In this case, it means more like “the End” as in “this will be the be all and end all of yarns….

  5. A yarn store AND used bookstore! I would never leave. I’ll have to see if some of my friends want to day-trip to the Cape.

    Beautiful yarns! Well worth breaking the fast for.

  6. Hi,
    Very pretty yarn indeed. “Glanz Punkt” in German is the “sparkle point”.
    Have you picked the patterns yet? Inguireing minds want to know. Perfect knitting for a medicsl conference.
    Julie in San Diego, where it is just lovely today.

  7. Whoa 1900 meters, when you fall you do it right. I guess you now know the meaning of glanz punkt. LOL it reminds me of someone I know in radio, who said the quickest way to get feedback is to display a lack of knowledge on the air. No matter how tiny the fact, he could depend on the helpful listeners coming to the rescue. I admit I went right to google translate 😉