Green Jeans Sweater

Another one off the needles!


Project Details:

Pattern: Corduroy, by Lisa Lloyd, from her book A Fine Fleece
Yarn: Araucania Nature Wool Solids
Needles: 4.00 mm
Started: May 1, 2012
Finished: December 1, 2013
For: Me!
Modifications: Not a thing, other than some creative row counting on the sleeve decreases. They are mostly the same length, so it’s all good. (They really are, though you couldn’t tell by that photo. That’s me, slouching in defiance of that charm school I apparently never went to.)
What I Learned: It takes me forever to knit a sweater. Ok, ok, I already knew that.

I really like this one. I still think a drop shoulder sleeve isn’t the most flattering for most people, but boy is this comfortable. I was a bit iffy on the yarn variegation, but once it was done I like it. I predict that this will get a lot of wear, especially since we’re hitting record freezing temperatures in the Pacific NW.

So what do you do if it’s blasted freezing where you live?? Well, if you’re apparently an idiot, you plan a medical conference for a week in December to somewhere even colder. We leave tomorrow for Boston, where this time of year can be a little dicey as far as weather. Although the forecast for Boston actually looks warmer than here for this coming week. We’ll see. I’m packing that sweater.


Green Jeans Sweater — 12 Comments

  1. Hi Lorette, the sweater is really nice and I love the pattern the yarn made. I live in Maine and yes Boston is going to be cold and stormy. Where I live by the coast it is supposed to snow/rain/sleet on Monday and the temps to drop. Bring warm hat and mittens too:)

  2. That looks like a comfy, wear-it-to-death sweater. Truly worth how long it took. (It takes me a couple years to knit a sweater.)

  3. Yup. I love the cozy quotient in the sweater. But do know that it is currently sleeting, with 1-6″ (don’t you just LOVE weather reportage) predicted. I think we are heading towards the 6″ mark based on when the conversion from rain happened. (Early.) But it isn’t record cold. Just……New England.

  4. I love your new sweater…and in perfect time for your weather.

    Me? I’ve been sitting on my bee-hind on the couch the last couple of days…knitting and watching movies and TV Christmas movies.

  5. I love your sweeter, perfect for this cold blast we are having. Like your new haircut too.