Half Finished!

John’s green socks are half done. I finished the first of the pair the other night while watching television.


It actually fits him better than it looks in that photo. For some reason he left the toe all bunched up when he put it on.

I think he likes it.


I’ve also made a little progress on Rogue. I decided to do the pocket just for the fun of it.


Here’s what the “fabric” looks like up close.



I bought a new coffee cup and mouse pad, and the mailman brought them this morning, just in time for coffee.



Cute, eh?
These came from CafePress.com, and you can have them too. Or a t-shirt, or a tote bag, or even a bumper sticker. Though I think if you buy one of these items without donating to the Yarn Harlot’s cause something bad might happen to you.


Half Finished! — 2 Comments

  1. NICE SOCK!!! I really like the way that yarn stripes!! It’s fun!
    It’s also really fun to watch you progress on YOUR Rogue, being that we’re making nearly identical ones (I’m doing the cardie). I guess I better hussle and show some progress on MINE though, so it can be fun for you too!!!