Half FO

I actually partly finished something today! Actually, it’s one sock of a pair, but that’s something, right? Everything else has sort of taken a back seat lately to 1)Spinning; 2) Feather and Fan baby stuff; and 3) Finding a new job and getting all the ridiculous paperwork done that is required, even though I’m not changing states or moving to a different hospital. And I haven’t even started with the HR stuff yet.

Anyway. Today was such a nice day, that I got to do a little knitting outside. The heat wave that we’ve had has passed, and I’m not sure it even hit the mid-70’s today, but it was nice and warm out in the sun. We went to the Steilacoom farmers’ market, which is only about ten minutes from our house, and found a lovely spot to have lunch on an outside deck. Knitting in public ensued.

After we got home and put away all the veggie loot, I sat down and finished the first sock. Here I am, trying it on to make sure it’s long enough before I close the toe:

And done.

Pretty, eh? That’s Zoe sock yarn from Shalimar, in the color Peonies. You can get your very own at the same place I did.

And second sock started.

There was more knitting loot that arrived at my house today. I have a set of the Knit Picks Options needles, and a set of the Harmony wood tips. They came out with acrylic Zephyr tips, and I had to have those as well. A lot of people despise plastic needles, but they have their place. They are a lot easier on my hands than metal needles, for one thing. Those lovely Signature sock needles up in that photo are beautiful, but they really make my hands hurt if I work with them for hours on end. They also have lethally pointy tips that I would not try to sneak on an airplane.

Here are the Zephyrs.

I’m off to make pizza. Sunset magazine had an article about making grilled pizza recently, and the dough is all done and ready to go (made in my brand spanking new bread machine). We have all sorts of options for toppings, but I think tonight’s version is going to be white cheese, basil, and perhaps some of those heirloom tomatoes from the market. I’ll take photos!


Half FO — 19 Comments

  1. Love the socks!
    Oh I wish I lived near you. Not only for the knitting buddy aspect, but I think I would just have to occasionally stop by when it *just happened* to be dinnertime … ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Thanks for an upfront view of the new Zephyrs…I have been contemplating an order myself! They look prettier in your hand than they do on the website. I saw that article in Sunset magazine, too. Your version sounds yummy. Let us know how it turns out!

  3. I did not know about the acyrlic tip KPs needles. Are the tips sharper than the metal ones!? Yowza…
    Mmmm…. pretty socks. Mmmm… beer.

  4. Hi! Glad you had such a fun day. Nice socks! I love the colors, and the heel looks really cool too.
    My family and I were in Tacoma for six weeks during Jan. and Feb. We took the kids to the kiddie park in Steilacoom a few times, and they really enjoyed it. My hubby really enjoyed the frisbee golf course there too.

  5. Do let us know how you like the Zephyrs. I have always disliked plastic needles, but I’ve been having some hand issues and wonder if those would be kinder. This is the second post I’ve read today about homemade pizza dough. I’m definitely going to have to try it – and do report in on the grilled pizza! I’m game for anything on the grill as that usually means I’m not cooking.

  6. Lovely sock yarn! That heat that left you? It’s going to be on Chicago for Sat & Sun but fortunately I am in Palo Alto visiting my DD’s family where they are having typical northern California weather. That pizza sound yumm. My favorite restaurant pizza is Margherita which is very similar. I’m also interested in how it goes.

  7. I have a question, if you don’t mind. How in the name of Zeus’s big toe do you get your gussets to not have holes in them when you pick up alongside them??? Your socks are so pretty! Mine are so sloppy.

  8. Ah your Farmer’s Market has a much better view than ours does. Plus you get beer! Been wondering about the Zephyr needles and they are high on my knitting want list. Do post what you think please.
    Love Sunset magazine! Have always lived in the Deep South but once a month I do pine for the West when that magazine comes.

  9. I’m thinking of trying the Zephyrs but I’m hopeful that they got their MM sizes down better this time, my Options are all out of whack. My Harmony seem better though.
    Love the grilled pizza, it looked yummy, and quite healthy actually.

  10. Pretty sock. I’ve been curious about those plastic needles. What do you think of them? I had the Denise set, but sold it because I didn’t like the plastic.