Willie thinks he's helping.

The knitting marathon continues for Baby Fritz's Blisteringly Blue Baby Blanket. It's a big square, with a knitted on edging that consists of eleventy billion repeats of the same 12 row pattern. I have finished 2 sides of the square as of this morning. I started the edging just a few days ago, so I should be on track to finish this hopefully later this week, barring some major knitting screw up, like cats “helping”.

Here's another photo of Fritz.

Awwww. I think he looks a lot like his daddy in that photo.

And like all good knitting marathons, this one is involving major television watching. I started rewatching Game of Thrones earlier this week, I'm one episode short of finishing the first season.

It's too bad Will and Zoe can't knit, that would really be a big help.



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  1. and if you want to increase your insanity – go to Bandcamp and listen to Paul & Storm’s Westerosi Pi (take off on American Pie – only it is a riff on Game of Thrones…. or PDX Broadsides “Everybody dies….

  2. Fritz is adorable, and he’ll LOVE his new blankie-especially the color. Keep plugging away!! Hey, where’s your usual adult beverage to keep you motivated and your ‘fur family’ at bay?