Here We Go Again

The Tour is winding down, I’ve been spinning like a madwoman, but not much knitting going on. That pretty much sums up the days since my last post. Though I’ve enjoyed the challenge of trying to spin every day, it will be good to get needles back in my hands.

I also need to report back on the allergy thing. I haven’t taken the camel out of the bag since I decided that it was what was making me sneeze and wheeze. I’m not sure if this is good news or not, but my theory of camel allergy was blown all to hell. It’s not nearly anything that exotic, but just good old-fashioned seasonal grass allergies. It’s a bit surprising, since I haven’t had much trouble with it in years past, but I’d have to admit that this has been one of the wettest, weirdest summers we’ve had since moving here. The symptoms are now under control with prescription junk, but still there despite quarantining the camel. Good, in that I can still have my camel fiber, bad, in that I can’t quarantine the grasses nearly as easily. Oh well.

I tried a new spinning technique yesterday. Here’s a photo.

We went to the dog park with the mutts, and I took my spindle bag with me. I need a little more practice at spindling and walking, but it worked OK. John was a bit horrified, but I’m already considered certifiably weird by most people anyway, so what the hell. It worked OK, that is, until I stepped in dog poop because I wasn’t watching what was under foot. That is a little problem I’ll have to work on.

In other news, we’re off on an adventure again. We’re meeting my sisters and their families in Minnesota for a week for vacation. My older sister lives in North Dakota, and they have a summer place on one of the lakes nearby in MN. We’re all headed there for a little family reunion, complete with all the usual fun lake things: eating, swimming, drinking, Mexican Train competitions, etc. The other fun part is that we’re taking the train there. We get on the train early this afternoon here, and spend Saturday and Sunday riding the Empire Builder across Washington, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, and Minnesota. We get in early Monday morning. I think this should be a blast. We have a sleeper car, and John has the martini shaker and vodka packed, so I think I’m set. Of course I don’t have anything else packed, so I probably ought to wind this up. We will have internet access while there, so I’ll try to post while gone.

By the way, if you happen to be trolling the internets looking for an empty house to rob, go away now. We have someone who moves into our house when we go away. It works out well, since the dogs can stay here, and there’s someone to get the mail and water the plants. The pups are OK in a kennel, since we’ve found a good one, but they far prefer being here and getting to go to that dog park every day as usual. So if you’re thinking that the yarn and fiber stash are fair game while we’re gone, forget about it. It’s well guarded. I’m off to pack!


Here We Go Again — 10 Comments

  1. You’re going to be in Minnesota?!? Are you going to be in the Twin Cities for longer than 10 minutes???

  2. Hmmm – I was getting ideas because I know where you live. I think Lewey would gladly lead me to your stash, especially if I brought Maggie to distract him. The vacation sounds like heaven. I can’t believe you haven’t packed your projects already. I’m not leaving until the end of August and I’m already planning my knitting. Let me know how your train trip goes – hubby and I were discussing the other day that we’d like to do that.

  3. Hope you have a fabulous time on your vacation. Good thing about the camel. Good news on the horizon! As we get older (I hate it when the doctor says that to me to explain some current complaint) – as we get older, the allergies go away. Mine are pretty much gone now.

  4. Have a wonderful vacation. And, tell your husband that people have been spinning while walking for eons! (Though, proper choice of shoes while doing so in a dog park WOULD be important.)

  5. Are you going to make as far south as the Twin Cities? When exactly will you be there? Where are you going to be in northern MN? Why am I asking all these questions? (I used to live in northern MN.)

  6. I like the way John prepares for train rides. And hopefully there will be less dog poop on the train Saturday. Sunday is for needles.

  7. Ah, you did the best part of that train trip. also, for first class travelers, they have champagne (or sparkling apple juice for those who prefer it) in the evening of the first day & a wine tasting of Washington state wines the next afternoon – altho that was on the westward journey – can’t remember if there was any good free booze coming home. I am a lover of trains & always go first class (unbearable to spend more than 24 hours on a train without at least the rudimentary bed of a compartment & a shower – at least for old folks like me.) Two years ago, my daughter went to Seattle for work & knowing how much I like that city, asked if I wanted to join her. She, of course, flew (govt won’t pay for train travel except on the east coast on the Acela) & I took train. I loved the ride & during the week, while she was working, I did sightseeing. It happened to be Memorial Day weekend at the end of that week which was also her birthday weekend. So we stayed for the weekend (hotel gave us the govt rate which is way cheaper than rack) & we did some sightseeing together. About 22 years ago, my younger daughter & SO & I did an Amtrak vacation to Glacier which was fun but no great sightseeing from the train! Last spring, So & I took Amtrak from Chicago to the Bay area (where younger DD now lives) & that journey was incredible – through 3 mountain ranges – traveling through narrow gorges that are otherwise inaccessible. I would love to take Amtrak every time we visit but it takes about 57 hours each way & costs double what a plane ticket costs. Not to mention frequent flyer miles. So now that we visit the west coast at least 3 or 4 times a year, I have agreed to fly – but only on Southwest – friendliest airline around.

  8. I know now why I could never spin and why I will remain in awe of your talents! I have always wanted to take a trip on a train and John’s version of travel seems right up my alley. Enjoy the vacation and I can’t wait for pictures!