Holy Moley!


337,666 meters is a lot of yarn!

Those aren’t actually the exact words I used this week, but I figured I’d try to keep the public swearing to a minimum around here.

I mentioned my Just Knit It campaign a few posts back. As part of that, I joined a Ravelry group called Stash Knit Down. I got inspired to update my yarn database, and have spent the past few weeks digging through boxes and reorganizing a bit, deleting yarns I’ve used or given away, adding a few that hadn’t been accounted for.

Then I copied the meterage into a spreadsheet and added it all up.

337,666 meters. That’s 201 miles of yarn, people.That includes about 11,000 meters of handspun, but STILL.

Holy Moley, indeed.

So I’m not only in the Stash Knit Down group, I’m Cold Sheeping, meaning I’m buying no yarn for awhile. I’m at 89 days so far, and counting. Tomorrow I get my 90-day badge.



And I’ve started a few new things to celebrate. (From stash!! Go figure!!)


This is my Alexandra Shawl, a pattern by Dee O’Keefe. The cool thing is that yarn is my handspun, vintage 2009. Please ignore all the dog and cat hair on my carpet.

Here are a few old photos of the yarn in progress and done.




There’s about 550 meters of that, which will definitely help decrease that big number up there.

And I started another sock. No, I haven’t finished the last pair. Sue me.



Mountain Colors Weaver’s Wool Quarters, in Crazy Woman, which I find somewhat fitting.

How about all of you? Anybody else dare to post their yarn meter/yard totals? Anybody else need to go Cold Sheep on buying yarn?


Holy Moley! — 8 Comments

  1. I am trying to organize my yarn……wont even begin to try and guess the yardage! But my 2 resolutions this year are: no buying books unless they are gifts – read what I have or go to the library; and no buying yarn (unless needed for gifts – I already know I need to buy the yarn for my granddaughter’s blanket) use up what I have. Along with that is plans for those few people that I make gifts for: they have to be made, and finished, with items from stash. I have already hit my stash for cotton – and am making dishcloth #6 for a group on ravelry, and started a baby blanket for a coworker from stash….

  2. I am mostly cold sheep for now. Don’t anticipate buying until Spa rolls around. After that, maybe NHS&W. So once in February, once in May. Knitting furiously until then.

  3. My goal has been total Cold Sheep the last few years, but it has always ended up being more Moderate Merino. (Well, except for the latter part of 2011 and the beginning of 2012 – but I was in grief mode after my mom died.) I haven’t bought yarn since October when I bought yarn I needed for a present for The Kid. I am basically going Moderate Merino for 2014…planning to buy yarn only if I want to make something and I don’t have the right yarn. I really have been enjoying shopping my stash, though. I think I’ve earned a 90 day badge too!

    I am in Stash Knit Down too. I read mostly…I’m not very vocal, but I really like the group. It keeps me motivated and focused.

    Congrats to you! Keep up the good work!

  4. I think it is like getting on the scale after the holidays I am not ready yet to know the yardage of my stash!! lol

  5. I’m in! Between a husband at university, and a big summer trip, I need to save all the pennies I can, not to mention get back some storage room space by not adding more yarn. I’m at 19 days today. 🙂

  6. What do you use for your yarn database? Something specific to tracking yarn? Plain ol’ Access? Just curious. I was thinkng of organizing my stash and while it would be good to be more organized, I’m afraid I might have a teeny heart attack if I actually knew the yardage I own. 🙂