Home Again, Home Again

And here’s what it looks like in western Washington this morning.

A little different than the last several photos, eh?

It’s actually good to be home. At least I have today off and don’t have to go back to work until tomorrow. That gives me time to get all the sand out of my clothes and get back on a normal sleep schedule. We got home late last night and really didn’t do much except greet the pets and collapse into bed.

Lewey had a little accident while we were gone. We have a house sitter that lives here while we’re gone. She emailed us that Lewey had gone off on a mad dash to chase Willie one day, catching his toenail in the process and ripping it mostly off. He bled all over the place, and she rushed him to our vet, where he proceeded to bleed all over their office as well. He also bit Nancy, our house sitter, in the process of the rescue and scooping up to the vet, though that wasn’t too serious. He ended up with a general anesthetic and surgery to remove what was left of the nail, and is now in a bandage and a fancy plastic protective splint. He’s limping around, and not his usual perky self. He’s on antibiotics and pain meds, and needs to be carried up and down the stairs and out to do his “business”.

He gets the bandage off tomorrow. He also has a “cone of shame” to wear when we’re not around to keep an eye on him. Willie of course is swishing around like the King of Siam, pretty pleased with himself.

I’m off to empty the suitcases, not my favorite part of a vacation!

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Home Again, Home Again — 13 Comments

  1. Yikes! The poor little fellow! That’s what comes of harassing cats!

    Lovely picture of your lake. I was pleased to see the fog when I got up this morning.

  2. Poor Lewey. And poor Nancy; it would have been stressful even without being bitten. Good luck getting back to normal. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Maggie sends Lewey her best wishes for a speedy recovery. Poor Nancy – that’s over and above the call of duty! Welcome home anyway.

  4. Poor Lewey. I’m glad your house sitter wasn’t hurt more by the bite, but who can blame Lewey he was in pain. I bet Willie is very pleased with himself. I just love the dynamics between cats and dogs.

    Thank you for sharing all your lovely vacation photos. Those were some great pictures of the dolphins.

  5. I’m glad that Nancy wasn’t hurt too badly. Lewey should know now to leave a fair distance between himself and Willie….maybe?

  6. Poor Lewey – and so lucky that Nancy was right there on the scene to get him to the vet.
    It’s like with any of the kids – I just hate when they are hurt ๐Ÿ™

    ON a good note, you made it home safe and sound from your lovely trip – AND, it appears that we might be getting a smattering of sun tomorrow!

  7. Good to read you made it home safe and I love this picture of the lake. Poor Lewey – Dingo sends him “fast healing wishes”, he had his nail pulled out several times when he was young and that hurts really a lot. We have lots of bandage- and splint- and procollar-experience at the moment, too, with Biosu our latest addition to the pack – broke her leg at her foster home…
    Have a great sunday,
    Tina in Germany