OK. This is very embarrassing. I joined the Summer of Socks over on Ravelry at the beginning of summer. The whole point was to see how many pairs of socks you can knit during the summer. While I knew I wouldn’t win by a long shot, I had high hopes of at least not humiliating myself publicly. Oh well. Here they are, my first, and likely only, completed socks of the summer.

Project Details:

Yarn: Opal Hundertwasser sock yarn, color number 637A. The name is Wartende Häuser, or “Waiting House”.

Needles: Knit Picks Harmony dpns, size 2.25mm.

Pattern: Um, the same old sock pattern. Look over there to the right in the menu bar, you’ll find it.

Started: June 24th, 2008

Finished: August 26th, 2008

For: Me

What I learned: Opal is still one of my favorite sock yarns. It’s not as soft and squishy as some of the new kids on the block, but it is just a fabulous yarn. I also learned to let my matchy-matchy tendencies go on this one. The color repeat is really a long one for this colorway, so I’d have had to pull out close to a quarter of a sock’s worth of yarn in order to start the second sock at exactly the same place. I just decided to make them different. I like ’em!

Oh, and those socks are actually the same length, they just don’t look like it.

I also learned about the German artist, Friedensreich Regentag Dunkebunt Hundertwasser, who was the inspiration for this line of yarn. Check out my previous post for details. Here’s that photo again that inspired this color:

Next time, a Project Roundup! And while you’re at it, go vote in today’s Hunk contest. Rickman is having a hard time of it, again. These young whippersnappers seem to think they are going to take the title away from him.


Hundertwassers! — 12 Comments

  1. Oh! I was just the tying vote for Alan Rickman!
    Ah, yes – this looks to be one of those colorways (like so many Trekking colorways) where one must fight the matchy matchy. Cheery socks! And really, Opal and Trekking and Meilenweit socks will be wearing strong and hole-free long after socks knit from most of the “sexy” sock yarns!

  2. I just pushed Alan over 50%. What do these whippersnappers know, anyway??
    SOS2008 == just one pair for me, too, likewise. A handsome pair, but just one. There’s more to summer than knitting.

  3. Can I vote more than once? Oh wait – I have a good idea. We get to vote once for each year of our age! That way the whippersnappers don’t have a prayer. The socks are lovely. I only have one skein of Opal in my stash. I must get it out soon.

  4. love the socks – but then again, I’ve never been overly fond of matchy-matchy… I haven’t ever knit with opal. must try it.

  5. You knit a pair and that is what it counts. Lovely socks, I am almost 100% sure I have that same color way, so tempting! Nothing will go OTN until I finish Princess….so Summer socks for me.

  6. Now those are great socks! Don’t feel bad, I only got two pairs finished during the Summer of Socks … I thought I would do better as well.
    Am I the only person who a) doesn’t know who Mike Rowe is, and b) doesn’t care?

  7. Ha, Lorette, that’s me too! I just kitchenered the toe of my only SoS socks last night. I have another pair in progress but they won’t be done by the deadline; I finished some UFO socks that were started earlier; I worked on some other socks that also were started earlier; but these will be my only qualifying pair.
    Oh, well, we could have signed up and totally scratched. And there are two, so it IS a summer of sockS truly!

  8. Loving the colors on those. Truly loving them.
    It was a crazy voting day — never more than a one-vote margin either way. But, Alan prevailed.

  9. I love socks that aren’t twins with colorway yarns, so I think they are quite beautiful! And don’t fret over not getting more done, at least you were knitting and got one pair done! Having never used Opal, I am adding it to the wish list. And if all the yarns are as bold for that line, I will have to move it up higher in the wish list!