I Almost Forgot! Blogiversary!

It’s 12 years here at Chez Knitting Doctor! I opened up my calendar to check something and saw that today is my Blogiversary. Nothing much new to say about that, except that I’d really like to get back to blogging more regularly.

So what else is new? The knitting projects are all the same. It’s been a bit of a slog around here, and I actually haven’t gotten much knitting done. I’m just plugging away on the same old projects, which is fine with me.

Here’s Hitchhiker:


And socks:


One sock done, the other nicely started. I’m not dragging out any other projects to take pictures of, that’s all you get. The Hitchhiker yarn is Wollmeise Pure fingering weight, which is gorgeous. And the sock yarn is Skinny Bugga from Verdant Gryphon. I might have a few other skeins of this in the stash. It is just the best sock yarn, it’s a merino, cashmere, and nylon blend.

The other thing going on around here is fluting, as you might notice from the photos.

I had a little excitement last week. I had a medical conference in Boston, and the second full day we were there, I developed a whole raft of floaters in one eye. Long story short, I ended up having a posterior vitreous detachment and a couple of tiny retinal tears. I ended up at Massachusetts Eye and Ear Hospital, was seen in the ER there around mid morning, diagnosed, sent upstairs to the retina center, and had laser surgery. I was back “home” at the hotel by noon. If you have to have a retina problem, having your hotel located 10 minutes from a major eye hospital isn’t a bad idea. I still have a big jellyfish floater and a bunch of little ones that are driving me nuts, but my vision is fine, so all in all things are OK.

As a public service announcement, these things are more common as we get older, and way more common in people with severe myopia. Symptoms are a sudden splash of floaters in one eye, and lightning flashes. It can be accompanied by a retinal detachment, so it’s one of those things that is a relative emergency.

Zoe is doing very well. She has morphed from the shy, compliant little kitty that she was when she showed up on our doorstep to a very confident zany alpha cat. She and Will are actually turning into buddies, they chase each other around and have little pretend kitty brawls. I think he’s actually enjoying having someone to play with.


Last but not least, this is the new obsession around here:


It’s a Peloton spin bike! I’m not sure exactly what’s come over me. I guess some switch finally flipped and turned off the couch potato in me. I’ve had it for a month (minus the week we were in Boston), have done 21 rides, lost 7 pounds, and I’m noticeably stronger already. It’s a spin bike, but also comes with live and on-demand classes via a monthly membership. And I really needed to do this. I’ll be 60 this year, and already have a couple of medical issues related to weight and being out of shape, so it’s sort of now or never. I’m actually looking forward to getting up before 5AM every morning to get my butt on the bike.

That’s all I’ve got. I’m going to practice before it’s time to get going to Easter Vigil services tonight. Happy Easter to everybody!


I Almost Forgot! Blogiversary! — 12 Comments

  1. I had never heard of this problem before, but thanks to you now I know about it. Happy blogi-versary!

  2. Happy anniversary! Glad to hear that your eye is fine.
    As I’m busy knitting “Found a Penny,” I am curious to know how yours is progressing. (No photos needed.)
    Zoelooks like a fun-loving cat there.

  3. Wow! That eye thing is scary stuff! Glad you were right there by an excellent medical facility! Happy blogiversary! I always look forward to reading about what’s going on in your life, what you are knitting, etc. So keep on blogging! Happy Easter!

  4. Happy Blogiversary!! Glad to hear that your eye is alright. Are you playing the Bach cello suites for flute? My daughter is a cellist so they are very much enjoyed by my family.

  5. Happy anniversary! What luck that you had the eye problem so close to great help.

    I envy your enthusiasm for the exercise: I am trying to exercise myself, but so far the best I have found is something that I “don’t hate”: swimming. I wish I looked forward to it!

    I love kitty pretend brawls.

  6. Happy blogversary! I love hearing what you are up to. And thanks for the detailed description of the eye symptoms. As a myopic over-60, I shall be on the lookout (see what I did there?) for this in myself, just in case.

  7. Thanks for the head’s up…Seems like as my memory fades, there are more things to remember!

    Congrats on the spin bike. When I it 59, I that I didn’t want to be sixty and fat…I hit sixty 150+ pounds lighter and running. Seriously, running. I ran my first 5K at age 60. Good luck to you!

    Oh, and happy blogiversary!

  8. Zoe has, from the start, struck me as a confident cat.

    And the colors in that sock yarn are quite happy-making.

  9. Yikes – glad you were close to the eye center!

    Happy belated blogiversary!

    Love the colors of the sock, and cool that you’re loving your spin bike so much! 🙂

  10. Glad all is well. C has had two retinal detachments, and unfortunately the first one was diagnosed incorrectly as a stroke. Long miserable story. He knew what hospital to avoid for the second one.

    I’m glad there are a few long-timers left in blogland. Happy Anniversary.