I Forgot

It happens, it’s probably all that bourbon. I intended to add these two items to the last post, then screwing around trying to get that stupid quiz thing to fit into the blog window distracted me.

First, Washington (the state) has finally arrived at another major turning point in civilization. It only took them 29 years to do it, but we’ve extended civil rights to protect gays and lesbians from discrimination. The right wing promises to fight this one by a ballot initiative, but hopefully common sense will prevail. (Though as my mother always said, “common sense isn’t all that common”.)

Second, the Yarn Harlot’s TSF campaign has topped $100,000 in the past year. Think about it, people. $100,000 is a lot of money from any one group. I plan on making this an annual donation. I can spare a little yarn money, how about you??



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  1. Sooner or later, the right-wingers are going to realize that Tim FF+@()_#$8@)#&%)@#&$)8#) Eyman is a blot on their party and a serious detriment to any serious legislative work/movement/progress (oops, is that too close to “progressive”?) in this state and get.rid.of.him. SUCH A JERK.
    Okay, forgive me, I just edited feedback on a program we did on the legislation and one person wrote about the “majority democrats in [state] congress overrunning the minority” [paraphrase] which really got me going! I sincerely hope that voters in our state will loudly boo the initiative as we did the repeal of the gas tax initiative.