I Passed!

My tendons passed, that is. Thursday I had the tendons tested, which was a hell of an excitement, let me tell you. I actually had a dream about it the night before. In my dream I had taken my splint off to show somebody how it worked, then couldn’t get it back on correctly. I showed up at my “test” and Amy was none too happy with me. Any of you who have been through “higher education” would probably recognize this as a variant of the dream where you realize that the final is today and you forgot to go to class all semester.

The actual test took about ten seconds, then I was on my way to doing active exercises. This has been a rather distressing few days. I’ve lost a lot more power and range of motion in my hand and wrist than I would have thought possible in a month. I need to keep reminding myself that I’m not supposed to be at full strength for another two months.

The real surprise was that my splint was revised yet again. Amy replaced the tape that straps it to my wrist with velcro straps so I can TAKE IT OFF to do exercises, and to wash my hand to get the gunk off. Hooray! In case you think this less than thrilling, let me just say that a lot of gunk builds up when you can’t wash your hand for a month. I’m exfoliating the skin off my whole hand and leaving my DNA all over the house. Guess I can’t commit any crimes for awhile; Gil on CSI would identify me in a minute.

I got a great surprise package in the mail this week from Kristen. Check out her blog here. Here is a picture.


Though I can’t knit, she figured I could manage Kool-Aid dyeing. There is a ball of Patons wool, which she skeined and tied for me so it’s ready to go. She included the Kool-Aid as well as gloves; a regular one for my regular hand, and a plastic bag to go over the splint. There are treats as well: chocolate for me, a knit catnip mouse for the cats, and a cookie for Riley. Here’s Willie’s verdict. He’s been trying to kill that mouse ever since he got it.


And Riley’s thoughts on the matter:


The chocolate is long gone, so no pictures. Thanks Kristen!

One more tip for any of you who unexpectedly find yourself unable to wash your own hair for three months. I got a little tired of looking like Phyllis Diller after the first week and went to my salon for a shampoo and style. It was wonderful, but a little spendy to do very often. John called his barber to see what they charge. The barber that owns the shop is a woman, and she charges $8 for a wash and dry. So I’m splurging and going every week.


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  1. Glad to hear things are progressing well. It never goes as fast as one hopes, but steady progress is a good thing. We (we, paleface?) aren’t as young as before, and Things Happen Differently. Small joints take a joke less well than big joints. You will be fine, as long as you do the PT. (Been there.)

  2. Congrats on getting a little splint freedom.
    I once injured my hand and ended up in one of those splints. I hated that the combination of shedding skin and sweat could not be washed off. The day I could wash that hand was glorious! Good find on the barber shop too. I was single at the time and had to depend on daily trips to the salon just to wash my hair.
    What is kool-aid dyeing? Is this something else, knitting related, that I can get obsessed with?

  3. Congrats on your progress!!! You are being a very good patient, and I am very proud of you. (I can say that because I know how we medical providers can be very bad patients.) Keep up the good work – you will be back to 100% before you know it.

  4. What an incredibly thoughtful gift! So well thought out. (well, yeah, that’s redundant, I know, but….really!)

  5. What a very thoughtful gift. How sweet of her. I’m glad your tendons are doing well. Oh and that exam dream. Ugh I have that one all the time! I have another where I have to take an exam and I can’t remember where the heck my class is. I’m running all over campass, and I can’t find it anywhere. LOL

  6. I never thought about not being able to wash your hair! That’s almost (but not quite, of course) as bad as not being able to knit. Nah – I’d go crazy if I couldn’t wash my hair. So glad you passed – it’s nice to see progress, even if I’m sure it seems too slow for you. We’ll be looking forward to your Kool-Aid project. A lady in our knitting group is supposed to teach us soon – looks like fun!

  7. so glad to hear the wonderful progress those tendons are doing! have fun with the koolaid dying, that is something that i keep meaning to try.

  8. congrats on the stellar test results! (passing = stellar) It’s been through your posts that I’ve seen what is impossible without two functioning hands; I’m glad you’ve found a place (a barber no less!) to be pampered once a week. Thanks for the pictures of the animals enjoying the treats, and I hope you have a good time with the koolaid! 🙂

  9. Lorette, SO sorry about your hand. I can only imagine, but what I imagine is so frustrating I have to stop imagining it.
    You will make it, though. The OTs rock and will help you.
    When I injured one of my volar plates the OT’s were the most help. I had static and passive splints – I used to take off my night splint while sleeping and would unknowingly throw it across the room! Keep an eye out for this behavior. 😉

  10. Hurray!! You deserve to be pampered in every way. Such good news, good treats and so good to hear you are progressing well.