Ikea, The New Knitting Store

I made my first foray out to the local Ikea store over the weekend.  What an adventure!  That place is just amazing;  I won’t even go into the Swedish meatballs in their cafe.  I made one knitting-related purchase.  For some time now, my stash has over-run the storage containers I have.  Mostly these are a variety of Rubbermaid-style boxes in different sizes and shapes.  Then there were the shipping boxes from several months of online shopping.


Those are the empty boxes that I finally threw out after I bought these cuties at Ikea:


Aren’t those just adorable?  They have lids, they stack, and you can buy casters for the bottom one so you can roll the whole thing around.  Please note the other storage thingie off to the side, full of yarn also; and the yarn in a bag sitting on the top.  That’s the Beaverslide yarn intended eventually for Rogue.

And here is a shot of another storage solution I found at Target some time back:


And a wicker basket full of a variety of things:


There is just no way I am crawling under the bed to take a picture of the three plastic storage boxes in hiding there.  I call that the Yarn Protection Program.

As you can see, I am well-prepared for when the Big Earthquake hits the Pacific Northwest.  I can pack all this into the car with a couple of gallons of water, and head for high ground.  The yarn shops could be closed for years, and I wouldn’t run out of knitting projects.  Well, OK, I would need an RV to pack all of this anywhere; it’s really sort of a rhetorical discussion.

I am still working on the front of Audrey; I’m into the armhole shaping.  Work is getting in the way of knitting this week.  I have a man cooking my dinner tonight so will get a little knitting done while the pork roast is cooking on the barbecue spit.  Now, what kind of wine goes with barbecued pork roast??
(That’s actually also a rhetorical question; the answer is “whatever bottle you have handy”.)


Ikea, The New Knitting Store — 7 Comments

  1. I feel SO much better now. You win. By a couple noses. But then again, you’ve been working on it longer than I have, and you’re a DDINK (Doctor, double income, no kids.) So you deserve it! Show me an up-close of that Rogue stash — it looks interesting! (I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.) Hee.

  2. OK I’m slow but I just realized that you live in Seattle too! Or at least near the ferries in Washington! How exciting! I love your stash and it makes me feel less guilty about mine 🙂

  3. Love that stash and nothing better than a bit of stash organizing. Those IKEA containers are great. I actually have some of those metal wire cubes a lot of stores have lined up on their walls to display yarn. Well, mine are lined up on my wall and in my closet in my sewing room. 🙂
    And, a little late, but thanks for the link to the shoe size page. Awesome link and with a few other suggestions, I’m on the right track for sizing my niece’s socks.

  4. Your new containers are so nice. I love your Yarn Protection Program. I suppose the Philosopher’s Wool kit in my closet could be a part of the YPP also. Too funny.

  5. Wow, LOL. I’m sooooooo glad there is somebody else out there like me!!! Except you’re waaaaay more organized!! Made my day.