I’m Depressed

The votes are in.  Kerry/Edwards won by a huge margin in the election held right here at Knitting Doctor.  The turnout wasn’t huge, but the mandate was clear:  15 for K/E, 6 for B/C.  That means Kerry got somewhere around 70% of the popular vote.

Too bad the real world doesn’t mirror knitting blogs.  Clearly, knit bloggers, and knit blog readers, are smarter than the average American.

I’m looking forward to 2008.  Once W. screws things up even more that he already has, voters will most certainly put an intelligent woman or man in the White House.  Until then, we all can take comfort in the fact that America has endured worse.

Now back to our regularly scheduled knitting blog.

I finally got the body of the purple sweater blocked.  Here is a picture of the pinning ceremony.  You can see my handy-dandy steamer in the background, waiting for its turn.  Take note of my lovely home-made blocking board.


And here everything is ready to get steamed:


The lace detail:


Here’s where I am on the first sleeve.  After I blocked and measured the back pieces, the armhole is a bit larger than the measurements given in the pattern, so I will need to adjust the sleeve width a bit to match.  Last time I knit a sweater, I didn’t take this into consideration;  this error led to an awful lot of swearing in the Knitting Doctor household.


In case you thought I am hiding the green striped socks from you, here are a couple of pictures.  I finished the short row heel and am on my way up the cuff.  This turned out better than I expected.  It looks a little big on my foot because it is intended for my Bigfooted husband.  He refused to model because he was too busy sobbing over election results.



I’m off to watch the concession speech.


I’m Depressed — 9 Comments

  1. I’m sooooo bummed. So so bummed. I’m really afraid that people have been manipulated and fooled so long that they don’t even know which end is up anymore.

  2. I going to need to block the pieces of the sweater I’m working my as well. Nice idea you’ve got with your blocking. I don’t have the room or the kind of kids that’ll behave and leave stuff alone to block items on my floor or leave them ANYWHERE. I like your socks, too. I have done socks with gussets/heel flaps, and I’ve done them with short row heels and I really prefer the short row heels on my feet, I just hate DOING them.
    As for the election. I kinda understand some of the deep-rooted desire of Bush to bring America back to a time when morals and values dictated life here instead of the decadence that has become America today. That said, I did NOT want him in office if he’s going to ban stem cell research and undo a woman’s right to choose when to continue a pregnancy. I wasn’t that keen on Kerry’s plan for social health care, if it means health care(which by the way already sucks) it’s just gonna go down the tubes even more. But, I’m HIGHLY upset Bush won. So, he can’t run in 2008, but can’t he run again in 2012? Noooooooo I sure hope not.

  3. This is a sad time for the US. Even if we are able to elect a Democrat in 08, it will take years to reverse the garbage that W will have left. What scares me more than Bush though is the stupidity of the masses who voted for him. Don’t these people read, or even think? Sorry for the rant, I need to go do some powerful knitting.

  4. First of all, I’m hoping that W, when not faced with an electorate, will step away from the idiocy of the right wingers and do what’s actually good for this country. If not, then there’s always 2008.
    Secondly, the sweater is looking tres sharp!

  5. I, too, am devastated and feeling a real sense of loss about the election. I’m not so sure that we can vote with any confidence that our vote is honestly counted, anymore. At least we have our knitting! Wouldn’t it be nice to just knit a president that we’d like? I knit a uterus once (for patient teaching, I’m a nurse,) so how much harder could a president be?
    I love the purple sweater. I believe purple is the official color of knitting. Really beautiful.
    Good knitting,