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We are close to the end of our lovely vacation. We spent last week in our little cabin on the North Fork of the Flathead River in Montana. The deck of the cabin was about ten steps from the river, and directly across the river was the boundary for Glacier Park. It couldn’t have been a more lovely spot to spend the week with my two sisters and their husbands. I’ll get around to posting more photos later, but here is just one.


After we left the Glacier area yesterday, John and I headed home. We drove here from western Washington, and we’re taking a couple days to drive back home across northern Montana, Idaho, and Washington, just to see some parts of the states that we have never been to before. We stayed at the Lodge at Sandpoint last night, where that photo was taken, and had a great martini on the deck. In case you didn’t know, June 20th was National Martini Day. We did celebrate it properly on the correct date, but figured this was too beautiful a spot not to extend the celebration.

I did find some yarn shops, by the way. There was a nice shop in Kalispell, and another lovely little shop in Whitefish. There was one listed in Libby, but like a lot of storefronts in Libby, it was empty. There must not be many knitters there.

We’re headed back into Washington this morning, and then home tomorrow. I’ll post more photos later.

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  1. The only martini I’ve ever had was one of those fake flavoured jobs – a caramel apple martini. I only had half and it gave me one of the worst migraines of my life. Believe it or not, my head tolerates red wine much better 😉 I can picture a glass on that table.

  2. The next time that you drive through Montana, check out Stix in Bozeman, and Purl in Billings, MT. Both are great yarn shops!

  3. I’ll never forget our visit to Glacier Park. We went when my younger daughter was 12 & we spent the first night at the lodge near the Amtrak station (we took an Amtrak package deal). The train was several hours late getting in so it was pitch dark & we had to wake my daughter to get her to walk the block or so from the train. That lodge has a central area/building with the restaurant with wings going off each side. The hallways connecting the wings to the main building have a window wall facing the mountains. In the morning, as we walked to breakfast, my daughter stopped dead in her tracks, looking out the window & said, “Is that real? It’s not Disney?” It was a great trip. We went on a boat ride/ranger hike. There were about 20-25 of us & we were close to the end of the line walking across a stretch of land between 2 lakes (the one we had just crossed & the one we were going to). The ranger had been talking about grizzly bears & what they liked to eat. I looked around & said to the woman in front of us, “I feel like we’re walking through a grizzly salad bar.” Just then the ranger’s voice went up a few octaves & got very tight. Yep, a grizzly bear walked right across the path we were on – not 10 feet in front of the ranger.