It’s Your Fault

This is so not my fault.  I really had every intention of not buying yarn for yet another project when I have so much perfectly good yarn upstairs.  But between Bonne Marie and Becky, I just had to have yarn for a Bottoms Up Bucket Hat for the Bucket-along.  And I really looked in all the yarn boxes for something appropriate before I bought this:


Here’s another picture:


And a closeup:


This is Interlacements Seeds yarn, which is a rayon/polyester blend, in the Summer Fruit color.  I haven’t swatched it yet, but the stated gauge says it will work for the hat, and that color just screams summer.

The astute reader will perhaps note that there is significantly more yarn than needed for a bucket hat.  (My husband, not easily fooled, looked at this and said, “That’s a lot of yarn for a hat.”) There were only 2 hanks of this yarn in this color left, and I figured if by chance it doesn’t work for the hat, I’ll have enough for a sweater.  Even with the hat, there will be enough for maybe a vest, or a shawl/stole.  You all just need to check out their website…I want more yarn in many varieties and colors.

I’ve been working on that blasted striped sweater still.  I swear I am not starting another project before I finish it.  So does “not starting another project” specifically mean I can only work on projects already on needles?  Or can I stretch that definition to mean projects for which I actually have patterns, needles, and yarn, and have taken pictures of and talked about on my blog??

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It’s Your Fault — 4 Comments

  1. I love the color of that yarn. I am contemplating my bucket but weary of the hurting hands I have read from other bucketeers. I look forward to seeing your started.

  2. I am too jealous of this yarn. I’m trying hard not to go crazy to buy yarn…’specially since I have sooo many projects to complete.

  3. Stunning colour – I just love it… Oh NO! now I am tempted to buy more yarn! What the heck!!! Yarn Diets are toooooo boring anyway. *G* (my excuse) :