June Goals!

Let’s get back to this, shall we? For awhile I was doing a beginning of the month post with goals for the month, and how I did on the prior month’s goals. Here we go.

First up is the 2012 Great Office Cleanup. Unfortunately I didn’t get any “before” photos, but trust me, it was a freaking disaster. Here are the “after” pictures.

I got rid of a ton of books. I had a million bags of CDs sitting around, I finally got them all uploaded to iTunes, and got rid of the originals. Let’s just say that our local library is very happy. They have a biannual sale of donated books/media that benefits the library, and that’s where all my surplus went. I had two desks in my office, the one you see up there, along with an ancient roll top oak desk that I’ve had since I started practice in 1985; I bought it used for my medical office. I found someone willing to give it a good home, and off it went. My goal was to get everything off the floor, so I kept dredging out until I got there. I’ve always snickered a bit at the “fung shui” people, but it really is easier to get something accomplished when your workspace isn’t a disaster.

Knitting? Same projects. Here’s one of them. I didn’t show a very good photo of it last time.

That’s reasonably accurate for the color. Here’s a photo of the stitch detail on the sides. Click to embiggen.

The main body stitch pattern is plain stockinette, but there is a two row garter stitch detail every so often, just enough to keep this from being totally boring. This is my Mr. Greenjeans Corduroy sweater, in case you’ve forgotten.

I was a bit worried about the sizing, so yesterday I put the whole thing on a bigger circular and measured it against another sweater that mostly fits (my not-quite-a-cobblestone). You can just see it peaking out in the photos. The not-quite-a-cobblestone is just a tiny bit roomy on me, so this one should be perfect. The fabric this is making is quite stretchy, and I don’t want a big baggy sweater.

So, goals for June:

Finish the body of Mr. Greenjeans.

Finish the socks on the needles (Primary Ink Tinseltoes).

Finish the blasted hood of that Faery thing.

Read more. (I wasted an inordinate amount of time in May reading that hopelessly muddled up mess of books called Fifty Shades. I need to read something more intelligent to get the bad words out of my head.)

I’m off. We have tickets to the symphony tonight, and I need to get a few things accomplished first!



June Goals! — 8 Comments

  1. What a nice bright, open space. I had to laugh at the mention of the ’50 Shades’ books- a neighbor is trying hard to persuade me to read them, but I’m convinced it’s just a ploy to boost her own flagging conscience. Your opinion? Was it worth the time? Am I going to want to bleach my eyes after??

  2. What a great office! Now that you’ve got it all cleaned out, you can sit in one of those comfy chairs and knit away without any guilt. And then…wanna come do my house??? LOL Hope you enjoyed the symphony.

  3. Can you come to my office for a clear-out> Yours looks fantastic and you’ve just given me a kick in the pants to start on that this evening. As for that 50 shades thing, I read the first one last week and expect the remaining books to be more of the same. Should I bother?

  4. Congrats on getting your office cleaned out! Why DO we resist doing those things until things are dire?!

  5. Your office looks like a great room in which to spend some time and get things done…or not…