Just Knit It!

That’s my new knitting campaign title. I have no lofty goals for knitting through those boxes of yarn I posted about last week, except that I want to end next year 2014 with fewer storage bins than I started with. I also have no illusions that I’ll make it through a year without buying yarn. (a YEAR? Snort. I might manage a month.)

But my digging through the boxes and bins of yarn this past week has revealed that I have lots of lovely projects-to-be in there, and I aim to knit some of them this coming year.

I promised a new project now that the Pretty Thing is finished. Here you go. This is from Box #1 from a couple of posts ago.


That is the Inca Alpaca, well on its way to becoming a Lacy Baktus scarf. I’ve made two of these previously, and they are very versatile to wear. It’s also a nice way to brainlessly use up a whack of yarn. You start at one end, and increase until half your yarn is gone, then decrease till you’re out of yarn. This is where the handy dandy drug dealer’s scale comes in.IMG_5790

I weighed all three skeins before I started knitting, and when I was partly done with the second skein, started weighing again, stopping the increases just short of half the yarn. Clever, eh? I had to reknit about half of the first one of these that I knit, since I just guessed about how much yarn I had left.

I’ve also been working on this.


I may even be coming to terms with knitting those sleeves top down on two circulars. It won’t ever be my first choice of how to knit them, though. I’m hoping to finish this in the next couple of weeks. Then we’ll see what else I pull out of my magic bins to knit!

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Just Knit It! — 7 Comments

  1. There are always treasures to be found while stash diving! I like your sweater a lot. Good luck with yarn dieting and knitting at home, only from stash, though a new purchase is much the same as dining out… brings a fresh perspective!

  2. I love it! My first goal is to finish all the UFOs in my basket before I allow myself to cast on anything new…..wish me luck…..

  3. Great resolution! Just turn off the interwebs. More knitting time, and less yarn temptation to resist. (I do not practice what I preach.)

  4. I often pride myself on just buying yarn for the next thing I am going to knit, and not really having a stash. I realized the other day that I am deluding myself, and that I have a ton of yarn. Generally, it really was purchased for the next thing I was going to knit, but then I got some other, more exciting “next thing.” So I have to knuckle down and knit some of it up. The problem is, I have a huge queue, and just got the new Alice Starmore book. That will take the wind from my stash-busting sails.

  5. Wow! I’m really impressed with your determination to finish some ufo’s. I call it ‘finishitis’ when it hits me – on rare occasions. Glad to see you’re going to power through your bins, and use up some of the stash-such discipline! Have you seen the gorgeous “herrington cowl” on Ravelry? I hear it calling my name loud and clear! Maybe it will start calling to you, too?