Knit Bloggers for Kerry Unite!

It is one of the wonders of this world that citizens of this country have been able to vote for what kind of government they want for over 200 years. Without fear of reprisal we can decide to throw out the current bunch of elected officials if we decide that we don’t like the job they have done for us. I’ve certainly not made any secret of which side of the political fence that I am on. If you are on the other side of that fence, go vote anyway. We’ll all sit on the edge of our chairs Tuesday night and wait for the results.

GO VOTE! I’ve already cast my ballot. (I vote absentee every year, even if I’m in town, just so I don’t get sidetracked by work and not get it done.) My husband joined the local campaign workers this week and spent the day today going door to door reminding people to get out there Tuesday and do their civic duty. I would have gone too, if I hadn’t had to go to work today.

Many of the knit bloggers that I read seem to be Kerry/Edwards supporters, though I doubt that I read a representative sample of all knit bloggers. In the spirit of the election season, who are you going to vote for in the presidential election? Cast your ballot in the comment section, and I’ll tally them up and post the results. As in real life, duplicate ballots will not be counted!

And my parting shot:


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Knit Bloggers for Kerry Unite! — 23 Comments

  1. Bush/Cheney for this knitter, but since I don’t have a blog, I’m not sure I count!

  2. Kerry. Unlike the cynical media, I think he has the potential to be a very good president. Despite the fact that he has one huge mess to clean up.

  3. Sorry, but it’s Bush/Cheney for me. Not crazy about it, but to me better than the alternative. I also vote absentee – it’s so much more convenient, although I do miss the feeling of “civic duty” that I get when I actually go to the polls.

  4. I’ll be voting for “W”. I don’t agree with every choice he’s made, particularily regarding jobs. I feel, however, he’s the better choice for protecting America, and our moral values.
    On a side-note, I have been wanting to say that I really do like your blog!

  5. I am one of the seemingly oddball Bush supporters also. And as one of the above said, I don’t know if I count since I’m just a blog reader not a blogger.

  6. Gimme the Johns! And I love that “W stands for wrong” ~ it’s right up there with my fave, “a village in Texas is missing its idiot”! Kerry-Edwards, please ~

  7. Kerry, please.
    And, yes, I think the Canadians, and any other nationality, should be able to vote in this poll, since our desicison WILL affect them, no matter where they are.

  8. That’s a YES on the Canadians. And anyone else, for that matter. If you’re from out of the US and vote here, tell us where you’re from too.

  9. Another Canadian voter for KERRY/EDWARDS.
    We are all waiting on pins and needles here. IMO, Mr. Bush will get back in, so I am not getting my hopes up.
    It is a sad fact that Bush’s foreign policy is woefully lacking “you are either with us or against us” NO, we just don’t agree with your position! He is not well liked or respected throughout the world and those that stand behind him should realize this fact. Do they care what the rest of the world even thinks???
    Yes, arguably Bush has a degree of charm, but many have that you know? We have to look beyond charm and hyperbole. What about the environment? Present American economic situation/jobs? Health care? I could go on and on here…
    I agree that once Bush got going, he did well under the circumstances with respect 9/11. Initially I was somewhat relieved and impressed with him. Then he went into Iraq, before concentrating on finding Usama Bin Laden (much like Bush Sr did!??) The world was largely supportive about Afghanistan too.
    IMHO many of those that vote for Bush are voting out of fear. In my humble Canadian opinion, it is merely a false sense of security that his team projects. The sad fact is that ulitmately this global decision is only yours to make but the outcome has tragic consequences throughout the whole world. Dare I say it, but Bin Laden probably wants Bush to get in again…it will merely perpetuate his cause.

  10. I’m sorry but anyone with a BRAIN has to vote for KERRY!!! The idiot that I’m hoping will be returning to his village in Texas has lost more jobs than any other president, has the WORST record regarding the environment, has sent over 200 BILLION dollars to a country that would kill us as soon as look at us, given the chance and killed over 1000 of our young men to finish his father’s agenda! Vote for Bush?? Only after my lobotomy!!