Knitting Doctor Vacation, The Lake Edition

We’re not quite home yet, but I’ve finally found a relatively clear tabletop surface to fire up the computer. The train trip east was a hoot, and if you happen to be either my friend on Facebook or my husband’s, you’ve followed the progress of the Family Party through the week. One of my sisters has a place on a lake, and most of the family made it to the party. We’re now back in town, and get on the plane  tomorrow to head home. Here are just a few highlights;

That would be Larry, my brother-in-law. It’s a family tradition to celebrate the emptying of a bottle by playing taps while everybody stands and salutes. Let’s just say that Larry got the chance to perform this many times over the past week.

As you can see, nearly everybody was wired in some fashion. That’s me in the foreground, being a Luddite and spindling.

That’s a sign in my sister’s kitchen.

The family!

A little expedition out on the lake.

Sock on the lake!

Sisters! And an honorary sister!

Sunset over the lake!

This is the primary mode of transportation at the lake. Because God knows, we wouldn’t want to have to walk 100 feet to the bar.

Lake food!

More lake food! And a bonfire!

I even found a yarn shop. The closest little town to the lake is only about 14,000 people, but by God, they have a yarn shop, and a nice one at that. The photographic proof is on my camera however, not John’s, and I quite inexplicably forgot to bring the camera cord.

That’s enough for today, since John is threatening to revoke my laptop privileges. We head home tomorrow!


Knitting Doctor Vacation, The Lake Edition — 11 Comments

  1. Lorette

    You are so lucky to have a happy family who get together and enjoy one another.

    Love the sign from sisters kitchen.

  2. Wow! What a fun family, and what a great place to meet up. It looks like a fabulous trip. And the train seems much more relaxing than the airplane, which is the opposite of relaxing – I guess that would be taxing. Very taxing.

  3. I am heading to the lake in Georgia tomorrow…Meeting college friends – just the girls. Cannot wait! Your pictures are getting me more excited.