Knitting Hubris

Oh, I was being cocky.  The back of Audrey went so well.  I started the cast-on, went right on to the cast-off at the neck without ripping once.  I did those increase and decrease darts without a hitch.  Hah, I said.  The rest of this one will be easy, I said.  I can have it done in a week, so when the weather is no longer 97 freaking degrees outside, I can wear it.

I have ripped the front of this sucker more than once.  I am not going to put it into writing how many places I have had to go back.  First the decreases looked like crap.  Then it was those increase darts.  I got to the armhole shaping and thought, well I have this one whipped; I had no trouble with this on the other half.

Somehow I got off a stitch on the shaping.  It wasn’t looking right, but I thought, you know, it took a few rows on the back before it all started to look right.  So I forged ahead, knitting more rows.  I looked at it last night, counted, counted again.  Then I said a lot of really bad words that would probably get me “googled” from some  decidedly juicy non-knitting sites if I repeated them here.  And ripped.  I am partway into the armhole shaping section and so far so good.  But I’m not saying nothin’ from now on till this front piece is done.

The good thing is that this yarn is just wonderful to knit with.  I’ve said that before, haven’t I?  Why can’t yarn that costs only $3 a ball be this soft??

No pictures today, I’m not tempting fate.

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