Knitting Update

I finished that Norwegian hat. Here it is:


I really liked this one, and it was a fast project to knit. Project specifications:

Pattern: Bea Ellis, her own design,Β  purchased as a kit here.
Yarn: Dale Heilo in red and white, and cotton sportweight for the headband lining.
Started: December 2005
Finished: January 7, 2006
Needles: size 3.5mm. (3mm for the lining)
What I learned: Two color-knitting is a blast. I practiced knitting with one color in each hand. This required that I polish up my continental style knitting, which was awkward at best.
Would I do this one again? Yes, ma’am. I thought it might be too warm to wear this where I live, but the Heilo is a sportweight yarn so it’s not too heavy. I really, really liked making the tassle!

I’ve also been working on my socks:


This two-color stuff is big-time trouble for all the other stuff on my to-do list around here. I just keep knitting and knitting and knitting…

There was a question in the comments from the last post about the yarn for this one. It’s Lorna’s Laces sock weight yarn. The solid is red, of course, and the multi is her Rainbow color.

I’ve learned some things already. It does indeed make a difference which hand you hold each color in when you are knitting with one color in each hand, as most knitters knit with a different tension between the two hands. It’s a little hard to see in that picture, but the first half inch of the leg part (after the ribbing) shows that the rainbow stitches are more prominent than afterwards. I switched the yarn colors between the hands at that spot, and in person it is noticeable. I decided that I’m not ripping it out, but definitely learned the lesson for the future. Given my inability to remember simple things, I’ve made a note on the pattern itself which hand I’m carrying which yarn in for future reference. And in case I lose the working copy of the pattern with the notes, the multicolor is in my right hand on this one.

And in non-knitting pictures, I keep meaning to post this and keep forgetting:


Yes, it’s a ladybug. I took this picture in my bathroom, where I have about a half-dozen ladybugs that have taken up residence. There are no plants there, but they move in around December every year and stay until it warms up a little. I have no idea why, or what they eat, but I find this somewhat fascinating. So do the cats, though they never catch one.


Knitting Update — 31 Comments

  1. Your bathroom friends sound wonderful…glad everyone is at peace with it πŸ™‚
    THANK YOU for another journey with you in Spain….I don’t ever get tired of seeing that….oh, and what a wonderful place to read!

  2. …sorry one more comment! Being a Dr. and all-you can appreciate the fact I had to break for a jog! (day 2 whew…) but this is another story that I may highlight on my blog…BUT if I could be so nosey… I was wondering on my run ‘I wonder what she was reading on that lovely balcony?’

  3. I love your hat! I’ve been eyeing Bea Ellis’ kits for a while, and I think you’ve convinced me to order one for myself. πŸ™‚

  4. what a beautiful hat!! I should probably finish the one I ordered before I put in a call for that pattern…
    re: cats and ladybugs – I think there is an unwritten cross-species pact because the cats I take care of are oblivious to the ladybugs in their office, but they’ll chase after a fly that flits around.

  5. That hat is way cute and I think you need it with all the rain we’ve been having. I’ve got a gift certificate to Acorn Street Yarn Shop and I think I will look for some Lorna’s Laces. I really like the look of the varigated mixed with the red. Maybe those will be my next socks. For now I’m loving the Socks That Rock.

  6. Your hat is adorable! Love it. And yes–two-handed, two-color knitting is the only way to go. It makes life SO much easier.

  7. Would you share which yarn you hold in which hand (dominant hand is what I’m interested in) when you do your lovely color work? Fair Isle/multi color work is on my list of “must master in 2006” and would appreciate any tips.
    As to the ladybugs: I work construction and ladybugs, which were introduced by the Dept of Ag to help control pests for farmers, flee indoors to hibernate during the cold months. Do not listen to claims the little beauties will not bite, they do. They also emit a terrible odor upon crushing. This fall alone, I have personally swept up with a shop vac over a HALF MIllION of them. No matter how well sealed your home, they get in between the siding and wall studs to nest.

  8. OH I love the hat, Bea Ellis has great customer service. I haven’t ordered a kit from her yet, just books, but maybe someday soon.

  9. Great job on the two-color knitting! I especially love the hat. It looks quite professional.
    I am tempted to do some two-colored knitting…but I am trying to be good and finish a bunch of WIPs right now. I will resist…I will resist….must.resist…

  10. The hat looks fabulous on you! Maybe someday I will get up the nerve to try colorwork. It’s good to know that you are keeping busy. Thanks for the photos of Spain, too. Makes me want to travel to far off lands!

  11. Great pic of you Lorette! The hat looks wonderful — great knitting too!
    I love your ladybug story, I think it’s good luck, especially having a “family” that returns every year.
    I see someone got Sensational Knitted Socks this holiday πŸ˜‰ Gorgeous new sock!

  12. Your 2 color socks are gorgeous! I’d like to try 2 color socks, but should I make the socks with a slightly larger circ to accomodate for there being 2 strands of yarn?

  13. Every two-color thing on your entry looks beautiful, a generalization which happens, oddly, to include the ladybug!

  14. Ladybugs – actually they are Lady Bird Beetles – not ladybugs at all. They lay eggs between the inside and outside of your home, hatching during the sunlit days of winter and seek warmth inside, of course. They do bite, eat other insects, smell really bad – that’s why your cats won’t eat them – and were brought to the US to eat something, but I don’t remember what – I’ll need to ask my daughter, who is an agriculture major. One of those non-native species introduced supposedly to irradicate a pest, but which has become a greater pest itself (the lady bird bettle, not my daughter) Ha! Like Kudzu. Love your knitting and thanks for sharing same on your blog.

  15. I love the hat. It warms the soul just to see it. I don’t know if ladybugs do any harm, but they always bring me cheer… so enjoy them and be cheerful! I love, LOVE, L.O.V.E the pictures from Spain. Those Don Quixote statues are amazing. What a great trip. Thanks for sharing the pics.

  16. Your hat is lovely! I used to fear colorwork but I don’t anymore. I’ve just been caught up in attempts at lace.. I do notice the difference in tension in the two areas of the sock, but hey, it’s a design feature! I too, would use both hands for holding each color, I think it’s just so much easier than switching which yarn to pick up from only one hand.
    I love ladybugs. I had a few living in my bathroom a year or so ago. Someone tried to tell me they’re dangerous, though. I don’t believe it.

  17. We (my husband, 14 year old daughter and I) will be travelling to Barcelona spain this summer, to visit friends we made when living there last year. Thought you would appreciate our longing to return to Spain!! We plan to also visit the Pyrenees to escape the heat and perhaps the northwest coast. Have you ever been to the northwest coast–if so, any recommendations?

  18. do you remember how you make the perfect spiral with leftover yarn? I have my hat finished, but can’t get the yarn to twist around itself! (I have the directions but something just isn’t right!)