Langsjal Johonnu

Or, I Can Stop Anytime I Want

Here’s where I am in the  Amazing Lace shawl. I’ve finished the first border, and have gotten to the second border. Once I finish that, I can start on the center section, all eighty thousand repeats of it, and really get to the fun part. Here’s a photo:


This is just so addicting. I even get up early to get in a row or two before I go to work. Those of you in my family know that this is serious knitting addiction we’re talking about. I am so not a morning person, and there is little that will get me out of bed earlier than I absolutely have to. I’ve given up reading, as I can’t knit and read at the same time. The TV choices have been pared down to mindless drivel that I can knit to without paying attention. I’ve considered buying a lottery ticket, so I can win big, retire from my job, and knit Icelandic lace forever. The lace and I have seriously bonded. My next post hopefully will have my second entry for the Amazing Lace challenge.

By the way, I am not sure whether or not I should be proud of the fact that if you enter “nupps” into Google, mine is the first site that comes up. That is truly weird. Try it, if you don’t believe me.

The house project is coming along. The stucco guys are here working on things, and it’s looking a little more promising. Yes, I’m still under the circus tent. Oh well, soon enough, they tell me. Here are my new ground-level closets that we gained in the course of the project. There is one of these on each end of the house.


And this next one just makes me laugh. For a while there, my house resembled a Holstein cow.


I’m off to knit. I’m starting to dream in Icelandic.


Annie of Knitty Gritty asked us all to let you know that she is taking a blog break. She had a last post composed but her bloghost shut her down a little more expeditiously than she expected. If you are a reader, she wanted to let everybody know that she is taking the summer off, and may be back later in the year in a group blog.


Langsjal Johonnu — 16 Comments

  1. You just made me waste who knows how much time googling to see if my site came up in relation to nupps! It didn’t! And I’ve done way more nupps than you!! Oh wait, this isn’t a contest. Maybe I’m getting a little obsessive about this – you think? Your shawl is looking beautiful! It is addicting, isn’t it?

  2. Moooo. That’s payback for making me spit my drink with “…80 thousand repeats…”. I keep trying lace and it’s not working out. Either it starts with impossibly small cast-ons(Flower Basket(case)Shawl), or the cast-on is so mind-numbing I can’t get my head around it (Icarus from Summer Interweave Knits). Ugh. 🙁

  3. Holy cow Batman! At first glance I thought you were going for the whole jungle cat motif.
    Your shawl is coming along nicely. I just love it when I feel that way about something I knit.
    Yes it is sad that Annie had to go. I left her a shout out as well. I hope she comes back soon. Maybe if enough people leave a post for her on their blog, she won’t stay gone as long.

  4. We missed you on Wednesday! Now I know what you were doing. My husband has a very close friend that lives in Iceland-he even came to the states, just for our wedding. If you need any translating help, let me know! The house is coming right along. Good idea put in the extra storage.

  5. Yes Langsjal Johonnu IS addicting knitting. I am one repeat into the center section and it is difficult knitting but not so hard it can’t be done. You won’t want a single distraction when you start the center and you need to watch every stitch. I was late for work for the first time in 7 years yesterday. I just couldn’t put down LJ.

  6. Your lace project looks great. Mine was sent to the frog pond. Its resurrected version is “new and improved”.
    Glad to see the house is coming along.

  7. you need help… you need to get out from under that tent more!
    is there a local chapter of LAA? (lace addicted anonymous)
    ..luv it! 😉

  8. That lace is looking gorgeous so far! Isn’t it addicting, watching each new stitch and how they all form the pattern together?