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From Vallarta, that is. We head back home on a flight this evening, so this morning we have the sad duty of packing up to leave. We’ll be back though. John ran into a guy from the US at the pool that’s been coming here every year for 20 years. I can definitely see why. Though Mexican tourism has gotten hit really hard by all the bad press surrounding gangs and violence, Vallarta seems protected from that. The only downside we found here were the guys selling timeshares. They’re pretty easy to spot, and they generally leave you alone if you say “no, gracias” and keep walking. I’d give the vacation 5 stars.

Here are a last few photos. Yesterday we just hung out here. We went for a long walk on the beach, had lunch at the restaurant by the pool, then just goofed off by the pool all day. The day before yesterday, we went back into town. There’s a bus system here that goes more or less from one end of town to the other. As best I can tell, the buses have no detectable shock absorber system, but they only cost 6 pesos per person (about 50 cents). Here we are at the bus stop trying to find the right change.

Here’s the entrance to the restaurant where we had lunch, Barcelona Tapas. That row of windows at the very top is the restaurant.

And that’s the view from the restaurant.

Those are the three very nice guys who were responsible for our lunch.

Still having a bad vacation, as you can see.

Last but certainly not least, our last sunset last night. I’m off to pack!

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  1. I guess after your crappy vacation it will be nice to come back to the drizzle and generally gloomy weather of the PNW. 🙂

  2. Wow! This post says it all. Poor girl – you’ve missed all of our crappy, wet, sunless weather. Maybe you can bring some sunshine back with you – pretty please!!

  3. And, as far as that goes, all of us who don’t live on the east coast had better just keep our mouths shut. We have nothing to complain about compared to them (even though we are having a colder than average winter in the upper midwest.)

  4. If these pictures could only melt the snow, snow, snow we’re having in the Northeast. Looks like a fabulous vacation. Could you please send that sunshine our way?

    BTW – even though I’m late to the game, I’m now hooked on Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix – and I think of you all the time when I see SGH (even though it doesn’t exist).